Update July 2020: Our 5Alive program is no longer running due to the lifted restrictions. However, please continue to reach out to each other and care for one another.

Welcome! 5Alive is all about care and connection within a cell. It’s something new we are trying in light of the way the world is changing because of the coronavirus.

Our leaders have been informed and should be contacting people soon. As far as we know everyone has been placed into a group but it may take some time for the leaders to get up to speed. Please be patient if you have not been contacted yet. We’re working on it.

  1. Weekly communication between the four households. Checking in with each other and praying together. Can be through emails, text, or phone calls (preferred).
  2. Daily prayer for the other families in your cell. Households praying for households. For protection, provision and for peace.
  3. Supporting each other as needed. Perhaps someone in your cell needs groceries or a prescription delivered. Maybe they need help with shoveling snow or something else.

Now you may ask, there are only 4 families, I thought this was called 5Alive? Where’s the 5th? Well, that’s up to each group. Each group must find their 5th household or person. It could be someone who is not connected to our church or someone who used to be connected. It could be someone who is a shut-in in our community or who does not have family nearby. It will be up to each group to reach out and find that household or person.

There is a list of the groups and leaders online (for leaders only) so that the leaders can figure out who is in each group and so we don’t double up on the 5th household. If you are not involved, but would like to be, please let us know.