Vision and Values

In order to proclaim the gospel and produce maturity, we make opportunity for people to learn with and from each other, to have fellowship with one another, and to reach out in loving-kindness alongside one another.

We value:

  • Our heavenly father and his desire to live in harmony with his creation.
  • Jesus Christ as our example for how to live life in all contexts.
  • The revelation of the Holy Spirit as the constant guide of God for His people.
  • The Scriptures as the authoritative word of God for humankind. We recognize that though the  scriptures are authoritative the interpretation of them by fallible human beings is not infallible therefore, we approach the Scriptures humbly as we seek to apply them to our current context.
  • The world around us as God has called humanity to be good stewards of.
  • The history of the Church worldwide as a constant reminder of God’s imminence and faithfulness.
  • We respect our history as the Apostolic Church of Pentecost as our forbearers sought for appropriate expressions of their faith. Traditions that were once useful in past may be set aside when more effective traditions arise.
  • Our life as a gift from God.
  • Our community where God has called us to be ambassadors for his kingdom, to reach out in loving-kindness to our neighbors alongside one another in fellowship.
  • Learning about God and his kingdom in order to be effective ministers in whatever context God has us in.