Pastors Garage

*Pastors Garage- Dec 22/2023*

Well we’re over the hill, we’re gonna make it! Yesterday was the shortest
day of the year, from now on its clear sailing into spring! Well at least
the two week forecast sure looks good!

I want to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a Merry
Christmas and Happy New Year! It has been my honour and privilege to serve
you as both associate pastor and now interim pastor over the past year! You
are good people and this is a good church. No, we are far from a perfect
church, but I am actually thankful for that because I am very far from
being a perfect pastor! But I do love this church and I see a desire for us
to grow in serving the Lord! While I miss Pastor Dave and his family, as I
am sure most of you also do, I am proud of how we have in many ways come
together to shoulder the stresses that come with this kind of change! I
look forward to what the new year will bring as we continue to trust in the
leadership of our heavenly Father! I’ve been praying for breakthrough!
Breakthrough in my own personal life! Breakthrough in us as a church that
we would grow as a tight knit family! Breakthrough in the depths of our
personal spiritual walks. And breakthrough in our impact on the community
that we find ourselves in!

This Sunday, Christmas Eve, there will be two services at the church. In
the morning service Kelley and myself will be leading worship, and Janelle
Oshowy will be sharing. At 7pm there will be a Christmas Eve candlelight
service being led by Kelley and Shauna. While our family will be leaving
for BreAnns parents after the morning service and will miss the candlelight
service, I have seen what they have planned and it will be a special time
of gathering and focusing on the reason we celebrate this season! Please
make it a priority to come to both services, even if you have family and
guests here for the holidays! In fact I would go so far as to say
especially if you have family and guests here come on out! Bring them
along! Let us grow in our love for one another! Let us celebrate together!

Starting on New Years Eve we will be having a very different style of
Sunday morning service for a couple months. I’ll be honest with you, I am
looking toward it with a bit of trepidation, because people generally don’t
like change, and the content I believe will call us to a higher standard as
Jesus followers. But I am excited about the possibilities it could unlock
if we press in as a church family and decide to cumulatively press toward
the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus in our
lives, church and community!

That evening the church will be open from 7pm on for anyone who would like
to ring in the new year as a church family. There will be a movie and
popcorn for the kids, bring some finger foods for the adults! It will just
be a time of fellowship and games if that’s your thing. We’ll ring in the
Newfoundland New year together! Any party animals that want to stay and
play games until midnight are welcome to do so but this pumpkin will likely
be off to bed by then!

Guys, it looks like the men’s retreat on Jan 12-14 at Kenosee is a go, so
please try and come join us if you can. There will be bacon, some kind of
smoked meat, and lots of tall tales! See Kevin S or Lowell O for more

I saw someone post this on Facebook earlier this week and I thought it
profound. “Each of us is a Innkeeper who decides if there is room for
Jesus!” I will close with a couple verses from Hebrews that I was pondering
yesterday. “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering
for He who promised is faithful. And let us consider how to stir up one
another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the
habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the
Day drawing near.” Hebrews 10:23-25 “And without faith it is impossible to
please Him, for whoever would draw near to God, must believe that He exists
and that He rewards those who seek Him.” Hebrews 11:6

Blessings and seasons greetings!

Pastor Mike

Pastors Garage

*Pastor’s Garage, Dec 14/2023*

Well how goes the battle? This week, for me at least, is nothing short of
crazy busy. I have no less than two separate events going on every single
day, let alone the other daily or weekly tasks that one should be
endeavouring to accomplish! I think, in an effort to protect the week
leading up to Christmas from getting too busy, everyone planned things for
the prior one making it crazy busy!

This Saturday evening will be our church’s Christmas celebration with a
banquet and concert with Curtis and Bonnie Szakacs and family. Please make
every effort to attend and please please use this event as an opportunity
to invite someone along! The Good News will be shared!!!! Doors open at
5:30, supper at 6, concert at 7.

On Sunday morning we will be celebrating our children! The Sunday School
will be putting on their Christmas program, and we will be having a
dedication for the children of JJ and Yvette Annandale!

Christmas eve there will be two services, in the morning Janelle Oshowy
will be sharing her story, and at 7pm will be our annual candlelight
Christmas eve service!

Guys, don’t forget about our men’s retreat, Jan 12-14 at Kenosee Lake Bible
Camp. For more info or to register please contact either Kevin
Speidelsbach or Lowell Oshowy!

As we look towards the new year, we will be starting it off with having a
very different style of service for the first number of Sunday’s! Over the
last few weeks I have been challenged through a number of circumstances to
do a sermon series on the basics of Christianity! While I was pondering on
how that would look my mind went to a series of video’s pastor Dave and
myself did during the height of Covid, when we weren’t allowed to have
in-person services, called Realignment! At that time both of us were
feeling that so much craziness was going on, and we needed to do a series
on the basics to get us as a church back on track or at least to ground us!
Now here we are three years later and, while much of the craziness of Covid
is in our rear view mirror, I still wonder if we are a bit off track at

My thoughts go to what we had entitled that series, Realignment. In course
navigation even the slightest variance off course, while initially not
seeming serious, will eventually lead to serious problems if not constantly
assessed and corrected. If a plane, ship, or satellite is even a fraction
of a degree off course, within the first few minutes the problem is hardly
noticeable, but many hours later, if not addressed and corrected, there
will be serious consequences when they try to arrive at their intended
destination. In respect to an automobile, the front end alignment needs to
be checked periodically just to make sure there are no worn or damaged
parts. Otherwise premature tire wear will occur costing a lot more in the
end, not to mention decreased efficiency and fuel mileage. Churches, and
people for that matter, are no different! Every once and awhile it is
important to take a good, hard, long look at why we do what we do, what we
are doing, and where we are headed to make sure we are still on course!

Over the last few days I have re-watched a number of those videos, and I
see no need to reinvent the wheel as they were pretty well done and to the
point! They were designed to be done in a small group setting and it was
our intention to continue to use them in the years to come with new
believers or members as well. There are 10 videos and each video is
approximately 25 minutes long with a few group discussion questions
throughout. I think there would be huge value in us going through them as a
church body to start out the new year so starting on the morning of New
Years eve we will watch the first video together called Situation. This
will likely carry on until the end of February. If anyone misses a Sunday
they can all be accessed on our website, so that we can all
stay together on this journey!

Somebody much smarter than I once said “The main thing is to keep the main
thing, the main thing!” In this day and age it is very easy to get
distracted and off track. Let us as a church take this season and make it a
priority to make sure we are seeking to serve and honour our Lord and
Saviour Jesus Christ to the best of our abilities! *“Study to shew thyself
approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing
the word of truth!”* 2 Timothy 2:15


Pastor Mike

Pastors Garage

*Pastors Garage-Dec 7/2023*

Hey there, so I’m gonna just stick to what all is going on in the next few
weeks. This Sunday Clint Taylor from Regina will be joining us to share.
Rachel Kardash will be leading worship.

The following Saturday, Dec 16th, will be our Christmas banquet and concert
with Curtis and Bonnie Szakacs and family. Doors open at 5:30, supper at 6,
concert at 7. The meal is all planned, if some of the church people could
bring some desserts that would be great. Talk to Kevin or Carol
Speidelsbach about what you could bring as they are giving leadership to
the meal. Please, please, use this event as an opportunity to invite
someone to church!

The following morning, Sunday Dec 17, will be the kids Christmas program
and a child dedication for the children of Yvette and JJ Annandale. Rachel
Drinnan will be leading worship, and there will be no potluck that day as
the banquet was just the night before.

Sunday Dec 24, CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!, Janelle Oshowy will be sharing something
the Lord has laid on her heart and Kelley and myself will be leading
worship for the morning service. That evening there will be a family
candlelight service starting at 7 here at the church.

The following Sunday will be new years eve! There will be a normally
scheduled service that morning but I am still open to some kinda family
night that evening if there are those out there that are interested in
attending and giving some leadership to it. Let me know. My vision would be
a movie and popcorn for the youngins, they could even come in pajamas, and
just a hang out time with finger food for us olduns, heck we could wear our
pajamas as well!

Kevin Speidelsbach and Lowell Oshowy have been working on a men’s retreat
at Kenosee Lake Bible camp on Jan 12-14. The cost is $150 for the weekend
and James Graham, the pastor of the Whitewood Evangelical Missionary church
is the speaker. If you have a desire to go please let Kevin or Lowell know
asap as they need to make a call on this event this weekend in order to let
Kenosee know.

I would encourage you to make getting together with family and friends a
priority this holiday season. Let us as a church family seek to grow
together in unity and fellowship. “And may the Lord make your love for one
another and for all people grow and overflow, just as our love for you
overflows. May He, as a result, make your hearts strong, blameless, and
holy as you stand before God our Father when our Lord Jesus comes again
with all his holy people. Amen.” 1 Thessalonians 4:12,13

Pastor Mike

Lead Pastor Job Posting

Grenfell Apostolic Church

Job description

Position: Lead Pastor – full time

We are looking for an individual who has a passion for the Lord and a desire to lead us in knowing Him more. We seek a pastor with strong leadership skills that will provide us with solid teaching and preaching of the Word of God.

We are a community minded church that desires to share the love of God with our neighbours and to encourage each other as a church body. We believe that the role of the pastor is to oversee the spiritual growth of our church so that we are better equipped to go out and show the love of God to those around us.

Our ministries include weekly worship, prayer groups, Bible studies (small groups), Sunday school, potluck lunches and a quilting group. We want to be a welcoming group of people who radiate the love of God to those around us.

Preferred candidates will have some biblical education and leadership experience. A passion for young people and youth would be an asset.

Our church is situated in Grenfell, a small farming community in rural Saskatchewan of roughly 1100 people not including surrounding farms. Grenfell is a growing vibrant town with a strong sense of community.

Our contact information is:

Box 28, Grenfell, SK. S0G 2B0


Pastor’s Garage Corrections

Hey there,
My proof reader Janelle Oshowy pointed out a couple errors I made in the PG
I sent out earlier today. The deadline for letting us know if you’re
interested in coming to the marriage workshop is Monday November 27, not
Jan 27. Also the speaker for the men’s retreat is James Graham NOT Graham
Taylor, who knows where I got that name from, sheesh!

Pastor Mike

Pastors Garage

*Pastor Mike’s Garage- Nov 24/2023*

Ok, for like the last 37 Pastor Garages I have sat down with the intention
of just writing a short note to let you know what is coming up and leaving
it at that! Yet time after time it always seems to turn into a 50 page
dissertation on the intricacies of life and our faith! It’s a funny thing,
this aging process. I seem to have more to do than ever, yet I realize I am
doing things slower than ever. This is a bad combination!

This coming Sunday Sheila Warne-Peter will be sharing in church and Rachel
Kardash will be leading us in worship.

The following Saturday, Dec 2, we are still hoping to have a Family Life
Canada Together for Good workshop. While everything is in order to go ahead
with it, as of right now numbers are pretty low for those interested in
taking it, so we may have to postpone it for a later date. I realize it is
a busy time of year. The enemy also is not interested in someone investing
in their relationships in a Godly, positive way, so he makes sure there is
always something that comes up! But if this is something that you have been
on the fence about and thinking about, could I encourage you to let us know
asap? We would love to go ahead with it! We don’t pretend it is the answer
for every situation, but it is a good tool in helping build healthier
relationships! Myself and BreAnn have taken it twice and both times it was
good! If you’re interested please contact myself or Janelle Oshowy by
Monday Jan 27, even if you just have some further questions!

I will be speaking on Sunday Dec 3, and I promise this time I will try and
remember to do communion! If I do happen to forget once again, please
someone yell out from the congregation!!!!

On Dec 16 we will be having our Christmas banquet and concert with Curtis
and Bonnie Szakacs and family coming to bless us with their amazing musical
talents. Kevin Speidelsbach has been organizing the meal, and it is my
understanding that we just need to bring a dessert if we so wish. Please
use this as an opportunity to invite friends and relatives to hear the Good
News! There is no set change for the event but there will be a free will
offering to help cover the expenses. There may be a sign up sheet in the
church lobby in the weeks ahead to try and get a handle on numbers to
better plan the meal.

On Dec 17 our Sunday School will be doing a bit of Christmas program during
our morning service, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!!!! Seeing those
precious ones up there and the craziness that inevitably ensues is one of
the highlights of my year!

Sunday Dec 24, which just happens to be Christmas Eve, we are gonna attempt
to do something which has not been tried in many years, two services in one
day! There will be our regular Sunday morning service, with a Christmas
twist! And then in the evening there will be a Christmas Eve candlelight
service, which Kelley Phillips is giving leadership too! Come celebrate the
true meaning of the Christmas season with our church family!

Earlier this summer at our Missions summit we had mentioned an opportunity
to partner with Gateway Church in Prince George BC(the church that Greg and
Carla Paulson pastor) for a “Vacation with a Purpose” next summer in Oliver
BC. They are going to do a week of volunteering with the Okanagon Gleaners
from Aug 5-10 in processing various foods to be used in various missions
projects. There will also be time for seeing the area and hanging out with
those who are also serving that week. So far there are three families from
our church that have expressed interest in going, and we will need to let
them know in January sometime for numbers so if this is something that
interests you at all or if you’d just like to know some more info please
reach out to me.

On Jan 12-14 Kevin Speidelsbach and Lowell Oshowy have been working on a
men’s retreat we are hoping to do at Kenosee Lake Bible camp. Graham
Taylor, the pastor of the Whitewood Evangelical Missionary Church, will be
speaking and he is calling it the G3 Summit! Growing Godly Guys! For more
info please contact Kevin, Lowell or myself.

If someone feels the need and is up to organizing some kinda new year’s eve
thinger at the church I’m not opposed to it, just let me know.

So that is all I have to announce for now! We would absolutely love to see
you at any or all of these things. You belong here! We’re better when
you’re with us!

Pastor Mike

Pastors Garage

*Pastor Mikes Garage-Nov 16/2023*

Well it’s starting to look a little more like winter….again…..! What a
weather yo-yo this fall has been! I apologize for not sending out a PG last
week. We were actually away out west hunting mule deer. Now before you all
ask, three out of the four of us got a deer. Myself, BreAnn, her dad and
brother were in our party and once again I was the one who will be eating
tag soup this winter. I did get to burn an insane amount of gas, see some
new country, and officially acquire the largest blisters my heels have ever
had in my life! I’m sure thankful Bre agreed to marry me because our family
would likely starve without her hunting abilities!

I’ll let you in on a little bit of a secret, I am a bit of a micro manager!
Middle of last week I was stressing about how I hadn’t lined anything up
for while I was gone, but I just felt a peace in my spirit to let it go, so
I didn’t line anything up, other than the guest speaker. I understand
everything went well in my absence so good job! Apparently the world will
not implode, imminently at least, upon my departure!

For this PG I just want to highlight what will be going on in our church
community this coming weekend and for the weeks to come.

During this season of pastoral transition I thought it a good idea to try
and equip those primarily involved in that process. We are having a
leadership retreat for our board members, elders, search committee members,
worship leaders, and their spouses at circle square ranch from Friday
evening to Saturday evening. It is designed to be a time of growing
together in our faith, community, and hopefully will give us some strategy
to help us make this transition well as a church family. Jordan and
Chantelle Gadsby, our ACOP area directors, will be joining us to help
facilitate that.

This Sunday Sean Stevenson-Douglas, the president of Eston College, will be
joining us for our Sunday morning service to share his heart for the
college and biblical training. I have known Sean for a long time, and this
is a man I deeply respect and admire! Please make every effort to join us!
Here is a link to a promo video for the college to wet your appetite!

It is also our potluck Sunday as well, so please plan for that! Invite a
friend! While Sean will be presenting the message that morning, after the
potluck there also will be an opportunity for anyone who would have
questions for Sean about the college or how we can be involved.

On Sunday Nov 26 Sheila Warne-Peters will be sharing with us a message that
the Lord has put on her heart for our church during this season, so you
don’t want to miss that!

That following Saturday, Dec 2, there will be a Family Life Canada Together
for Good marriage workshop. It is being held at the Legacy Inn and includes
a catered meal and snacks for only $50 per couple! Bre and I have done this
workshop twice and are looking forward to it again as it is good stuff!
Would you please consider joining us for this? For more info or to register
please contact Janelle Oshowy or myself.

On Saturday Dec 16 at 6pm we will be having a Christmas banquet and concert
here at the church featuring Curtis and Bonnie Szakacs and their 3000 kids
who all sing and play instruments in an amazing fashion! If you have not
heard them before you are in for a treat! If you have, you know what I’m
talking about! Spread the word! In a desire to bless as many people as
possible there is no set admission for this event, just a free will
offering. It is the season to celebrate the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ
and share the hope, peace, joy, meaning, and purpose that can be found in
knowing Him! Please use this event to invite as many as possible to hear
what Jesus can do for them!

Thus ends my barrage of announcements! Please come worship the King with us
this Sunday during our service at 10:30. It’s not that you can’t worship or
meet Him anywhere else, but I do believe there is something powerful that
happens when His people meet in community and call out to Him! It’s just
not the same when you’re not there! Please keep us in prayer as we head out
to Circle Square Ranch tomorrow, that God would refresh and move powerfully
in our leadership! Spend some time praying for our Sunday morning service
ahead of time! It makes a difference!

Pastor Mike

Pastor’s Garage

*Pastors Garage- Oct 27/2023*

Well, like it or not, she looks a tad like winter out there! About a month
ago I had made a list of nine things that came into my mind with an anxious
flurry in the middle of the night that needed to be done before winter.
They are on my desk at the church, just took a look at them, well I managed
to cross one thing off in that month! Now none of them are life and death,
but they are all things that sure would have been nice to get done before
the snow flies! I am sure you are all more organized and on your game, but
if there’s anyone out there who can relate, I feel your pain. This year it
just feels like I have been running from one thing to another, never
seeming to catch up, or get ahead!

It’s not that I have not been getting anything done, it just seems like the
list of things to do just seems to grow faster than my ability to
accomplish! It seems like I am constantly being pulled in a thousand
directions at the same time. In seasons like this it is easy to become
overwhelmed and lose focus. What actually is essential that needs to be
done? What is truly important? What has eternal implications? In the midst
of this season of running around like a chicken with its head cut
off(sorry, farm boy reference, trust me though, it’s pretty applicable),
the question that haunts me is “Am I giving God the leftovers?” I have my
own dreams, goals and desires, there are many worthwhile causes that need
help, and then the other tasks that are imposed. What does it mean to call
Him Lord when I’m so busy or tired that I don’t even ask Him what He would
have me do?

Yesterday I received a phone call from Taiwo Afolabi, the gentleman from
the Ap in Regina who shared on Sunday. Now I will admit, I missed most of
his message as I was downstairs preparing the meal for the team of 18 from
Regina that ministered both here and Jacob Bear, but the little bit that I
did hear was pretty bang on! I have heard from others that they also were
encouraged and challenged by his message. He phoned me to tell me that our
church had been on his heart all week and he felt that the night before he
had received a specific word from the Lord for our church and asked if he
could send that to me. Of course I agreed and after reading it I thought it
would be good to pass it on in this PG.

Good afternoon Pastor Mike,

As discussed on the phone, I’ve included for you below the word from the
Lord. I have shared them with Pastor Danny, who encouraged me to share them
with you. Please pray about it and trust the Holy Spirit to direct you.


After spending time at the church on Sunday, I felt God put a burden for
Grenfell Apostolic Church on my heart. I started praying, and I sensed the
Lord speaking these words to my heart concerning GAC at this time and to
communicate it across:

*Three points:*

1. There is a revival coming in GAC, and God’s people need to align because
everyone has a role to play in this revival.

2. God is likening the spiritual state of GAC at this time to that of the
Church of Laodicea — neither cold nor hot (indifferent and apathetic). God
wants His people to repent and regain their passion for God. He is calling
His people to be refreshed and receive a renewed power of the gospel.
(Revelation 3:14-22)

3. God is calling GAC to “Awake from your slumber”– the time has come to
break through and break forth. Arise and shine; awake and be alert. God’s
instruction to ‘awake’ and ‘arise’ is because He wants the church to wake
up from slumber and rise up to shine forth His glory. (Isaiah 60:1-2)

*Practical steps: *Like the people of Nineveh, I wonder if a solemn
assembly can be called and declare a time of waiting (fast) before the
Lord. What God is calling GAC into is not a one-time thing, however, the
process of coming together to pray and hear the word of God and rend their
hearts will be the beginning of the awakening. (Jonah 3:5-8)

God’s blessings.

Best regards,


Well, what do you think? His words resonated with what I have been feeling
in my heart as well. We are a pretty distracted, busy, and because of that,
tired people! Are we calling upon the Lord? Are we waiting on the Lord? I
won’t lie to you, in this season of giving some leadership to our church I
have felt pretty ineffectual in moving us toward what I feel we need to be
as a church. I was discussing this with BreAnn this morning and she
reminded me that a true move of God isn’t up to me anyway. All I can do is
open the door for Him to move. So that’s what I’m going to do! Literally!
Open the door! This Saturday, as in tomorrow, I will be at the church at
7pm to open the door for anyone wishing to wait and call on the Lord. There
will be no structure, no one in charge, just God’s people seeking His face
and hoping to hear a word from Him! If you feel the same tug, urgency,
nagging feeling, or burden that things aren’t as they were designed to be,
would you come join me?

Now I realize that there are several people who will be getting this email
that are not local and able to attend. Would you say a prayer for us as a
church? Would you contemplate your own walk with the Lord, and ask Him if
you might need a tune up as well? In closing I am putting a YouTube link of
a song by All Sons and Daughters called Wake Up that BreAnn was listening
to in our house this morning that I think is pretty applicable.

This Sunday Lowell Oshowy will be sharing his testimony in our morning
service at 10:30, please come and join us for that!

Pastor Mike

Pastors Garage

*Pastor’s Garage Oct 21/2023*

So I just got back yesterday afternoon from a week-long conference for the
Canadian Police Chaplains Association in Winnipeg. There were chaplains
there from coast to coast, and some from the states , representing a wide
variety of police services such as RCMP, municipal, military, Ontario
provincial, and the many cities and towns from across Canada that have
their own police services. There was even representation from Nunavut and
the Yukon! Now I have been to many a conference in my day, and they can
differ greatly in breadth and scope, so in going to this one I didn’t know
what to expect. Well I can tell you it was amazing! It’s not that I
necessarily had low expectations, it’s just that it greatly surpassed
anything I dreamed it could be! But the content was not for the faint of
heart. The days were long, filled with many presenters often addressing
weighty topics! There was not much time given for rest or relaxation, or
even interaction for that matter. I should have clued in as they were
calling it an ATS which stands for the Annual Training Seminar. This was no
retreat, in fact it is a necessary component, along with six online
courses, to become credentialed with the CPCA(Canadian Police Chaplains

I never have been one that loves sitting indoors at a desk all day. In an
effort to keep some sanity, every evening either just before or after
supper, I would go for a walk. On the first night I discovered a dog park a
couple blocks away from where we were staying. Being a dog lover, this
became my daily routine, to walk down to the park and just sit and watch
the dogs for a few minutes. At any given time there were usually 15-20
dogs, along with their owners in the park along with other constant
arrivals and departures. My first observation was that they all seemed to
get along much better than I expected. I wondered what kind of chaos would
ensue should I ever bring my two orangutan’s to such a park. I’m not sure
I’d chance it! As I sat there for a while I found it quite entertaining how
each dog had such unique and different personalities. There was a large
black dog who was the greeter! He would walk around the park from dog to
dog, but then bolt to the entrance gate to be the first one to greet any
new arrival, tail wagging vigorously! There was a large brown shaggy dog
who acted like the police. If any two or more dogs started to get into less
than friendly interaction he would immediately get in-between them with a
very authoritative loud bark. There was the ball chaser, who seemingly
wasn’t even aware there were other dogs there, totally fixated on the ball
its owner was throwing. There was the ball steal-er, totally fixated on
getting that same ball. There was a beagle that didn’t spend a lot of time
interacting with dogs, but rather went from person to person soliciting a
pet or two. There was a pug type dog I called nervous Nelly, constantly
just running around wide eyed from dog to dog, and person to person, but
never really interacting with any. There were those who constantly were
running, jumping, wrestling, and playing with any dog who would interact
with them, and then there were those who would just sit off to the side,
happy to observe all the action. There were all sizes, shapes, colours, and
breeds of dogs in that park and it was nothing short of beautiful watching
such diversity, along with quite a bit of chaos, confined to one small park.

As a church family we are not totally unlike that dog park. Each of us have
our own unique personalities and even though quite different we are
confined to a park of sorts. I wonder if the thought ever crossed the mind
of any of the dogs in that park “Why can’t these others just see and do
things the way I see and do them?” I wonder if certain dogs’ personalities
frustrate other dogs? I find it interesting that as a dog owner and lover I
could sit in that park and think that because of the variety it was
beautiful to watch, and yet as a long time church goer I sometimes find
very similar variety frustrating. I wonder what thoughts cross our heavenly
Father’s mind as He watches us interact in our local park? I will close
with some verses that come to mind on community. I urge you to walk in a
manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all
humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love,
eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Eph 4:1-3
Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude
of sins. Show hospitality to one another without grumbling. As each has
received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s
varied grace. 1 Peter 4:8-10 Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil, hold
fast to what is good. Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one
another in showing honour. Romans 12:9,10

This Sunday, as in tomorrow, there will be a large team of 15 from the
Regina Apostolic church coming to minister to both us and the Jacob Bear
Community church. Clint Taylor, who totally rocked it earlier this summer
as a guest speaker will be ministering to us again. They will also be
leading us in worship. Please make it a priority to join us. We don’t
gather out of some religious obligation to try and appease an angry god. We
gather to honour and worship our God because he is worthy and we all need
the support of standing and gathering together as a family! Next Sunday,
Oct 29, Lowell Oshowy will be sharing his testimony so you don’t want to
miss that either!

Pastor Mike

Pastors Garage

*Pastor Mike’s Garage-Oct 13, 2023*

Has anyone out there watched the news this week at all? If not, you may
want to tune in. Now I get why someone would want to quit watching the news
in this day and age. There doesn’t seem to be a lot that’s worth watching
and even less that’s encouraging. Not to mention how one even wades through
the seemingly mountain of misinformation that we are bombarded with from
every angle. I have found myself wondering several times while watching the
news in recent years, what does anyone even believe anymore. It seems there
is so much propaganda and slant to how things are reported, let alone those
that intentionally try to deceive. And then let’s just throw in the fact
that we have a spiritual enemy whose sole intention is to steal, kill and
destroy! He absolutely loves to whisper lies and half truths in an effort
to push us into a perpetual state of anxiety and fear!

But if you have happened to have tuned in during the last week you may have
heard there is a war going on in the Middle-East. Now you may think, there
is always a war going on in the Middle-East! Well, I think this one might
just be a little different. It involves the country of Israel. Now if you,
like I, grew up immersed in church culture during the 70-90’s your mind
tends to snap to attention when things like this dominate the news. I can
still remember the many, many sermons, not to mention the left-behind books
and movies, focused on the events that the bible predicts will happen
world-wide surrounding what it describes as the end-times! War in Israel
was always central to these events. Now if you don’t put much thought and
weight into God, and what the bible says, at least let yourself wonder, why
does what happens in this little country so far away, in the middle of
nowhere, so dominate the world stage when something happens there? Why have
its people, time and time again, throughout history, been persecuted, and
ultimately sought to be eradicated by various forms of evil? Why is there
seemingly an apocalyptic, end of days belief system found within every
culture and mindset, whether you believe what the bible says or not? You
see it in so many movies, and hear about it in so many conversations!

Now I am in no way predicting, with any specific time frame, that this is
upon us, and what we are seeing throughout the world is a definite sign of
that. BUT, in light of what the bible does say to watch for as signs that
the end times are near, culminating in the return of Christ, there does
seem to be a lot of similarities to what we are seeing in the news these
days throughout the world! All I’m saying is if what we currently watch in
the news on a daily basis would have been in the news during that season of
the 70-90’s I would have been wigging out! I’m not saying it is, but it
sure looks like it might be!

So what is, or should be our response as Christians? Start living in total
fear and anxiety, wearing our tin foil hats? Maybe we should ignore it and
just hope it will just go away? Probably the best thing we could do is just
make sure we get the best and most out of what this vanishing world can
offer before it vanishes! Live for the moment, party hard, eat, drink and
be merry! I think all of these options are pretty scriptural, right? Well
to answer that question, no, they are not! None of these options of how we
could be acting are scriptural at all, but ironically they are exactly how
the bible describes how many Christians will act during that time!

So what should we be doing? There is a passage found in Luke 21 where Jesus
speaks about the future, namely the end-times. In verse 28 he says these
words, “So when all these things begin to happen, stand and look up, for
your salvation is near!” We need to be people that look up! Not down, not
around, not in the mirror, but up! What are our eyes fixed on? All week I
have been thinking we need to gather and just pray! We have much going on
around us, we have much to worry or be anxious about! We have much to
distract us! Where are your eyes focused right now? Look up! The church
will be open on Saturday night at 7 for anyone who wants to gather and
pray! No specific subject, no order, no service, no time limit, no-one in
charge! Just Christians gathered to look up! Come if you feel the need!

This Sunday someone will be joining us in our morning service at 10:30 from
the Teen Challenge women’s centre in Hague Sk to share the power and hope
that can be found in God in overcoming addiction. The service will be
followed by a potluck meal. Who knows, this might be the last potluck meal
you ever get before the world ends, you don’t want to miss out! That was
kind of a joke, but not really! How much do we have a sense of urgency in
living for what actually matters during the little time we have on this
earth? Start living for what matters today!

Pastor Mike