Pastor’s Garage August 3rd, 2017


Let’s jump right in because I have lots to cover this week. I encourage you to read John 12 and 13 for this Sunday. I’ll be reading that passage and sharing a little on how this passage connects to communion. I’m excited to share what God has been speaking to me. If you’d like some help conceptualizing the second half of the book of John please watch this video ( Once again, if you don’t use RightNow Media, it’s a free gift, just ask me to sign you up – it’s like Christian Netflix!

So, this fall our Kid’s Church will begin on September 17th. We’re bringing in some needed changes to make way for the growth in the number of kids we have had. Of real importance is the number of volunteers needed. We are going to split the kids up into three classes. A pre-K group, a K-2 group and a grade 3-6 group. So, we will need three teachers per Sunday and one Kids Church assistant. The assistant will help with snacks and bathroom breaks and float between the classes as teachers need help.

We’ve also purchased some really high quality curriculum for each class and we already have a coordinator for each age group. My wife Liz will be leading the oldest group, Tamara Speidelsbach will be leading the K-2 and Waylon and Rachel Kardash will leading the younger group. These people are going to be the lead team for our Kids Church and they may be contacting you regarding volunteering and teaching because we are not expecting them to teach every week! Please consider serving in this area.

If you would like to volunteer please let us know. We’ll be requiring every teacher and volunteer who will be downstairs with the kids to do an application and have a criminal record check on file (note: the criminal record check must include the "vunerable sector check"). Please see me if you need an application. All you need to get the check done is head to the Broadview detachment and have 2 pieces of government id (one of them has to be photo id). If you need a ride to Broadview pastor Lindsay or I would be happy to drive you. I’ve got more to tell you about our Kids Church this year, but I want to save some of the surprises. I am so excited about it.

Please continue to pray for me as I share this Sunday and for the worship team as well. Pray that God would anoint us and give us the grace to lead the service according to his will.

Just a reminder that I will be on vacation from August 7th – 21st. If you need pastoral care during that time please contact Pastor Lindsay or one of the elders. Pastor Lindsay and his family will be taking a little holiday from the 10th to the 16th as well so please pray for them that they would have a refreshing time as a family.

God bless. Thanks for being a great church to lead.

Pastor Dave