The Pastor’s Garage December 28th, 2017

We are in that in between time. The time between Christmas and New Years. The time when we are supposed to be making New Year’s Resolutions and contemplating the meaning of our life or something like that. I tend to not make any resolutions but not because I don’t believe in change or transformation but because I believe change and transformation are things that happen daily and weekly- not once a year because I am filled with regret looking at the past 12 months. Change happens and is evidenced in the little moments in life. How do I react when I am tired? How do I react when I tell the kids to go to bed for the 304th time? Do I do sweep the floor even though I am exhausted? Do I blow up when the grumpy person cuts in front of me? These things only work out as I am changed into the person Christ wants me to be as I am filled with the Spirit and evidence the fruits of the Spirit.

Rather than making a resolution this year, why not seek God and ask Him to show us areas of our life where we need more of His Spirit to shine through or bring change to our lives? Where do we need to evidence more of His Holiness?

This Sunday night from 7 – 9 pm we’ll be having a very impromptu New Year’s Eve hangout. We’ll be showing a movie and have tables ready for board games. Bring your own games, drinks and snacks.

The Prayer Table is still begging to be filled. Please don’t forget this. My little son Peter was asking me about it and said "Dad, we gotta keep working to fill that table, let’s prayer together." Our participation in community prayer WILL make a difference. Let’s keep praying together. We will celebrate with something special once it is filled.

How are you doing on that visioning worksheet from last week? I wasn’t kidding when I said I wanted your input! Keep it in mind. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Please pray for the service this Sunday and for me as I share from the word and for Lisa Osiowy as her and her team lead worship.

God bless.

Pastor Dave