The Pastor’s Garage June 7, 2017

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the Pastor’s Garage!

I hope you are having a good June in preparation for summer. I’m starting something new that I hope to have the bugs worked out of by September. I’m calling it the Pastor’s Garage. It will be a weekly email where I spend some time sharing with you the inner workings of what’s going on in my heart, letting you know about important dates and events and being open with you about some prayer needs, both personal and to do with the church. If your are not interested please let me know and I will take your email off the list.

Why call it the Pastor’s Garage? Well, I love tinkering and dreaming and building things in my literal garage (you’ll see me riding around on my custom bicycle over the next couple months). In some ways our congregation and church is a garage too. We’re constantly tinkering and trying to make things work a little better and I think it will help if you are invited in a little more into some of the things I’m wrestling with and thinking about as I try to build things like God would want them. My desire is that through your prayers and interaction that you’ll be able to help and feel more a part of things. I also hope it will be an encouragement to you too!

I’ll have a signup sheet out over the next couple of Sundays so anyone not on here already can join in.

Please pray for our service this Sunday. Pray for the worship team and that God would anoint me. I’ll be sharing on giving this week from 2 Corinthians 9:6-11.

God bless,

Pastor Dave