The Pastor’s Garage May 9th, 2018

Hello everyone. I trust that you are enjoying the beautiful sunshine and the change in the weather. It sure feels like it is about time doesn’t it. I’d like to encourage you to find a way to get involved and "be present" in our community this summer. It could volunteering or joining a club, it could be getting to know your neighbor, it could be throwing a neighborhood BBQ, it could be offering to share your garden with someone or it could be something else. Find a way to build a bridge this summer.

There’s a handful of exciting things to consider in the coming weeks. The first is our church camping weekend at Crooked Lake on June 8,9 and 10. Most of us will be arriving on Friday afternoon and we’ll be staying till Sunday afternoon. There will be no service in town on that Sunday, we’ll have it out at the lake. Even if you can’t camp for the weekend, come out Saturday and Sunday during the day. We’ll be having a big potluck on Sunday with burgers and hot-dogs. Last year was a hoot, I think we can expect the same this year.

This saturday night Liz will be leading our evening of prayer, Second Saturday at 7:00pm. Please come out and pray with us in the Oakshela room. We’ll be focusing our prayers on summer camps.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. While it’s not a biblical holiday or anything, we do want to use to honor mothers and to honor women. God has created women with an incredible capacity to love, care and nurture that is different than how he created men- and we want to acknowledge that. So this Sunday we’ll be having a mother’s day panel, "Mothering in the Trenches." I think it will be lots of fun and encouraging. We’ll have carnations for all the women who attend. Rachel Drinnan and her team will be leading so please pray for them and pray that God would move and touch people’s hearts.

May 20th is a potluck. I know it’s a long weekend, but we are still going to have potluck. If you don’t have family in the area and you’ll be alone, come, or if you’d like to bring your family who is visiting, come, let’s make it a special one!

God bless and have a great week,

Pastor Dave