The Pastor’s Garage November 18th, 2017

I almost missed getting this one in since I was away at a conference all week. I was going to type an email while I was in Banff, but the days were so full that by the end of the day I was ready to crash. It was a really good event that I will tell you more about soon. There was a big focus on evangelism and church growth which I am praying that we will see more of here in Grenfell. Please continue the journey of prayer that we are on, there is no other way to see this happen.

Speaking of prayer, please don’t forget your rocks! You still have time to pray with someone and bring a rock. Let’s fill that table before Christmas!

Tomorrow is pot-luck, so come prepared to share in some good fellowship together and some good food. It’s a great day to invite someone.

Please pray for Pastor Lindsay as he’ll be speaking tomorrow. Please pray for anointing and for God’s strength to be upon him. Please also pray for Mike Zorn and his worship team for tomorrow as well.

God bless,

Pastor Dave