The Pastor’s Garage November 1st, 2017

Some snow, I mean poplar fluff (for those who are continuing to live in denial), has fallen. For those who love to snowmobile, your time is coming. I, on the other hand, who love to dirtbike know my time is ending for this year. Time to lock myself in the garage and begin my next project!

We had an awesome night last night at the warm up spot. Thanks to everyone who helped out with that, it was a really great time. Maybe I say that selfishly because I just love sitting by a campfire.

Last Sunday Julie Dimler shared a very important message from the board regarding our church finances. As she said, we have been running a deficit this year, which is not a surprise to the board because we have very intentionally stepped into some things over the last year and a half or so. Some, building related, like the flooring. Some, ministry related, like hiring a youth pastor. What allowed us to do this is a large endowment that the church had been sitting on for a number of years. The board decided to spend some of it to further God’s work here in Grenfell. I feel as though we have been able to do that. The number one sign for me among a whole bunch of other positives? Around 20 kids in church (and sometimes more) every Sunday and 20-30 youth being ministered to on a weekly basis. These two things are absolutely exciting! I feel that we need to continue what is happening, but the reality, as Julie shared, is that unless we see an increase in our giving, some of what we are currently able to do, will not be possible.

So, in light of that. All I would ask is that you pray and listen to how God may be stirring your heart. The church runs on the basis of generosity and sacrificial giving. Without you we could not be where we are at, but I wonder if this is a season where God is calling us to more? Some of you have asked about doing fundraisers or holding other events. While I think that these have their place, I don’t think that they are how God wants us to finance the regular ministry of the church. I think God’s work runs off of generous, sacrificial, confidential giving. Anytime we add something to this, we take something very sacred away from the process of giving.

As always, please pray that God would give me clarity and wisdom as I share this Sunday. Also please pray for Rachel as she leads worship. I know it makes a difference when you pray!

God bless. Thanks for being an awesome church!

Pastor Dave