The Pastor’s Garage October 18, 2017

Good morning everyone. Another windy fall day here in Saskatchewan- why do some of us seem surprised by wind in Saskatchewan? That’s kind of like being surprised when the Roughriders lose. Kidding, kidding, just settle down.

I am anticipating an exciting service this Sunday as I have the honor and privilege of being ordained. I hope that you can make it and celebrate with us. We’ll also be having a potluck after the service which I would hope that you can stay for as well. Like I tried to share before, it is as much of a recognition of what is happening in this church as it is a recognition of what God has been doing in my life. I don’t lead in a vacuum. I am surrounded by great elders and leaders and by a congregation that has been loving and supporting us since day 1. I would really like to have as many of you here as possible to celebrate with us as it’s not just about me, but about all that God is doing here in and through all of us!

This Sunday Mike Zorn is leading worship so please be in prayer for him and also for my father, Dave Wicks Sr. who will be leading the service. I am privileged to have a dad who baptized me years ago who is able and willing to be leading my ordination. Proud of my dad and his strong leadership in the district. I’m also honored to have Andrew and Monica Switzer with us, the pastors from the Kipling Church.

A direction for your prayers over the next few days. Who has God placed in your life that he wants you to pray for? This could be someone who doesn’t know Christ or someone who has walked away from God. I think for some of us, that person will jump right to the front of our thoughts. For others, it may take some time for God to reveal this to us, but I believe that each of us has someone in our life that God want’s us to be praying for and lifting up on a regular basis. Someone that God will give us a burden for.

That’s about all I am going to share with you this week. Have a great weekend!

Pastor Dave