The Pastor’s Garage Sept 21st, 2017

This Sunday we are going to continue the series on prayer from Ephesians 6 and will be looking at verse 12 and 13. The title for this week is "The Reality of Evil." I’d like you to consider how you might like to start getting involved in prayer. In the coming months I’d like to see a number of prayer cells starting up. Handfuls of people getting together on a regular basis, praying for specific things in our church body and in our community. I’d also like you to consider how you might set aside specific time in your week to pray. Lastly, I’d like you to make our monthly prayer meeting a priority. The Second Saturday of every month at 7pm we have a corporate prayer time set for us to pray as a body. We often get anywhere between 4-6 people come. I’d like to see that number grow. It’s only an hour out of your entire month.

But I don’t want you to pray just because I said so. Well, let’s face it, most of you are not going to pray just because your pastor said so – God has to speak to you. And sometimes God speaks to us through us opening our eyes. My hope is that this series opens our eyes. Last week we looked at opening our eyes to see God’s power. This week we are going to consider the reality of evil. I also hope that you will begin to see some of the needs in our church and in our community and that God will call you to prayer. Will you listen to God as to where and how he wants you to pray?

Speaking of prayer we have decided to move our men’s prayer to 6am – 7am on Thursday mornings. For those who can we’ll grab breakfast after. Come on out.

In the past a small group of people called our visitation committee has organized care for those who are no longer able to come to church. They have been doing a great job visiting and caring for these people. In the coming months we’ll be reorganizing this team because some of them are no longer able to continue. If you would like to help with this it is a great opportunity to be a blessing, so please let me know. It’s one of the ways that we can function as a body and love and care for each other. It’s the job of the entire church to care for those who are struggling; it’s not just the job of the pastors!

Please spend at least 5 minutes praying for the service this Sunday and for the worship team. I send this email to 75 email addresses. If each email means 5 minutes of prayer, that is 375 minutes of prayer or just over 6 hours of prayer! If each prayed for 10 minutes, that would be 12 and a half hours of prayer. Don’t you think that sounds significant?

God bless,

Pastor Dave