The Pastor’s Garage

This Sunday is July 23rd! The summer is marching onward. I hope you are taking advantage of the beautiful summer days and evenings. Get out there and enjoy our beautiful little community. There is lots of things to see for those who are willing to look. A hidden gem is the old town reservoir just south of town. I’ve never seen another person out there whenever I have gone out, but the town cuts the grass and keeps it maintained. It’s like a little park out there. Seriously, check it out. Would be a great spot for a picnic. Thank God for all we have to enjoy living here.

Camp was an absolute blast. I am already looking forward to next year. At one point there was something like 172 people registered. If I were you start considering making it a priority for next year.

This Sunday I am continuing our study of John. Please come having read John 7-9. I have been absolutely blown away by how God has been speaking to me as I simply read and meditate on scripture and study it using SOAP. I can’t reiterate enough how God has been profoundly speaking to me. Let me know what God has been saying to you. I would love to hear it! Please pray for me as I preach this Sunday, for God’s anointing and for clarity as I speak. Please also pray for the worship team- I know from speaking to all our worship teams that they covet our prayers.

Also, please bring your own bible and remind your kids to bring their’s as well. I think we can all take in a lot by simply reading the bible -kids too!

Finally, one of the things that I want you to be aware of is one of the leadership shifts we’ll be making this fall. Particularly in terms of the children’s department and the worship teams we’re going to be moving to a lead team model as opposed to a single volunteer leading each program. Rather than one person carrying each department, there will be a lead team meeting regularly and working together. Please be in prayer for this over the next month. The point of this is that it will hopefully spread the load and give us strength to move forward.

God bless you all!

Pastor Dave