A Letter to the Church Family

This is the letter I read in church this morning…

Dear Church,

Grenfell has been home for us for about 8.5 years. It has been an
incredible experience and we are grateful for everything that God has done
and for the way that this church has supported us and cared for us as our
family grew and our kids grew up. We feel very blessed. While there have
been challenging moments, by and large this has been an overwhelmingly
positive experience. It’s hard to believe that when we first came we were
thinking we’d stay between 1-2 years. Thank you for all of the incredible
memories and for trusting us and walking with us.

For the past year or so I have felt somewhat unsettled in my job here. I’ve
heard other pastors say things like their “grace had lifted.” Well, that’s
perhaps the best way to describe how I feel. Ever since covid ended, it’s
honestly felt like the grace and favor that I once had as pastor has lifted
– a sign for me that God is calling us to move on and we feel very strongly
that we need to obey. On top of that we have felt for some time that we
wanted to live closer to Liz’s family in Pennsylvania. We have accepted a
call to Pastor a church in southern Ontario that would put us about 8 hours
drive from Liz’s family.

With the board’s approval given this week this is our plan. April 30th will
be my last day as lead pastor. I have several holidays to use up and so I
will use those up for May and then sometime in June we will plan on moving.

We know that this is going to be a difficult goodbye for us. You are like
family. We love you all dearly. There will be moments of sadness. However,
this is also an opportunity for bigger and better things. God has something
really good in store for us and God has something really good in store for
Grenfell. God is in control and he can be trusted.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. Please
pray for the board and the elders. Please get involved and volunteer to
help. Please follow Jesus and get to know him. Be a disciple of Jesus. He
is worthy of your obedience, your worship and your life.


Pastor Dave