Annoucement for Sunday May 2, 2021

The pastors and elders met again yesterday to discuss our plans for this
Sunday May 2nd and we felt it best to take one more weekend without a
service due to the local cases of covid. We are thinking we will be back at
things on May 9th, although we will wait until next week to decide.

Unfortunately, we will still be limited to 30 in the building and so we
were trying to think of other ways to accommodate more people over a
weekend once we do open again. Some options that we could hold on top of a
service at 10:30am are:

– A Saturday evening service/gathering
– An early Sunday morning gathering/prayer time (could be as early as
– A Sunday afternoon gathering/prayer time

Sunday morning at 10:30 would be a “normal” service with some worship and a
short message which would be live streamed. The other options would be more
geared towards prayer/sharing and fellowship.

Please give me your feedback and thoughts if you are able as it will help
us to decide.

There will be a video uploaded later this week as a weekend devotional.

Take care and God bless,

Pastor Dave