Baptismal Service Registration

Hi everyone,

This Sunday (March 28th) is very exciting! 5 people are getting baptised
including my two son’s Mason and Peter!

We don’t anticipate hitting our service limit of 70 (well to be honest we
could very likely accommodate more if we use the balcony and foyer) but we
are going to throw out the registration page so that family and friends of
those getting baptized can guarantee a spot as they may need to travel.
Please register as soon as you can so we can make arrangements for more
space if needed.

I would really encourage you to make this service a priority. This is a
once in a lifetime event for 5 people as they take this important step and
your support and celebrating with them would mean a lot. I know that masks,
guidelines and covid are a barrier to some of you attending, but I would
encourage you to push through some of this as a way to honor what is

I will send out a Pastor’s Garage email tomorrow.

God Bless,

Pastor Dave