February 7, 2020

Hi there neighbour,

Well it happened again this week, and today! Usually at the start of every week, and also at the start of every day, I have a bit of a plan as to what I want to get accomplished during that time frame. Unfortunately about midweek, or midday, things tend to go sideways due to some unforeseen event, breakdown, occurrence, distraction, laziness, etc. Sometimes I can still get said goals accomplished by just working harder, longer, more efficiently, etc. but usually I have to resign myself in frustration to leaving what I wanted to get done to another day. Of course in doing so, what I had planned for that alternate specific day or week invariably gets delayed….I don’t suppose anyone can relate to this at all?
A couple weeks ago BreAnn and myself watch the movie “A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood” based on the true story of the journalist Tom Junod. It follows Tom dealing with a lot of personal relational baggage in his life sent to interview Fred Rogers, the founder and star of the children’s show Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood. Tom was hoping for a quick piece, trying to get some dirt on Fred Rogers cause in his thinking no-one could be that nice in real life. Their first meeting is on set while the show is being filmed and he arrives at the studio to find the entire production and camera crew, cast and everyone patiently waiting while Mr. Rogers sits and talks to a handicapped boy at great length before filming could start. As I did some reading on Mr. Rogers after watching the movie I learned that this was one of his traits as a person. He constantly strove to really get to know everyone he came in contact with and if he sensed they were hurting or disadvantaged in any way he went out of his way to try to help them. He was a ordained Presbyterian minister, and would always keep a notepad on his person, writing down each persons name he met, and faithfully praying for them before bed. Quite often he would follow up on people and travel to go visit them after their initial meeting. I remember thinking while watching the movie that with the amount of people a person comes in contact with in any given day how did he ever get anything done with all those potential distractions? Then it dawned on me, who hasn’t heard of Mr. Rogers? Here I was watching a movie about a man who created a show that was watched and loved by millions worldwide and he lived out the character he portrayed on the screen. In my stressing and push to get things done, how many movies will be made about me and what I have accomplished? What is really important in life? What will I be remembered for? Do you realize that almost without exception every one of Jesus’ miracles were done in the midst of a distraction. Time and time again the bible records that He was on the way to such and such a place, or in the middle of something when someone would approach Him with a need. He became famous and is still largely remembered for what He did in the midst of those distractions. It was after Jesus commanded His followers to love their neighbour as they love themselves that He was asked “who is my neighbour?” He went on to tell the parable of the good Samaritan! At the end of my days and after I’m gone I’m pretty sure no one will care how much I got done at the car wash or in the shop today, or how fancy of a camper or vehicle I had. I’ve been to many funerals and time and time again I hear the words “I will miss him(or her) because they took time for me!”
Please pray for me as I speak this Sunday on James 4:1-4, and also for Rachel Kardash as she leads us in worship. Just a reminder to our men about the men’s breakfast this Sat a 8am at the church? Please try and come even if your not interested in joining the Conquers series study!
Take some time for your neighbour today!
Pastor Mike