Gathering Registration and annual meeting…

Good morning everyone, our gathering registration is now live for this
weekend. Since there was very little interest in our afternoon gathering we
have reduced it back down to one gathering on Sunday. Please register for
the Sunday morning gathering at:

Also, the annual meeting registration has 18 so far, and we would like to
have at least 25 in the building to make quorum here, so please if you have
not registered, please do so soon on our website. Also, the live feed of
the meeting will be posted at:

If you would like to attend the video digitally, please go to that link and
click on the annual meeting feed when it becomes available. We will try to
have it up and running by 1:30pm that afternoon, the meeting will start at
2:00pm. You will need to “sign-in” by commenting on the video or texting or
calling me at 306-589-9020. If you have any questions please let me know.

Thanks and have a great week.

Pastor Dave