Gathering Registration and Annual Meeting

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all staying warm these days! Winter has definitely hit us!

Why not join us for a friendly, Christ centered gathering this weekend.
It’s warm here in the church! Please register for either the Sunday morning
or afternoon gathering here:

Also, we are requesting that you please register as soon as possible for
the annual meeting on February 21st at:

Registering early will help us plan ahead!

We are only able to have 30 in the building, so if you would like to attend
please register. For anyone not able to attend, or if the gathering fills
up there are a couple of important things to note.

– a few days before the meeting we will send out a link so that you can
access the facebook feed of the meeting.
– if you want to comment or have questions you can message via text on
the facebook feed or call in or text me at 306-589-9020.
– if you want to have a vote on something, it is* your responsibility *to
find a proxy and for you to send a note (preferably signed) with the person
who is attending the meeting and is your proxy. There are more complicated
and more expensive options that could allow online voting, but they are
complicated and would prohibit many from being a part of the meeting.

Please continue to be patient and gracious as we navigate these interesting

God bless,

Pastor Dave