Important Info and Dates

Hi all,

When you come to church this weekend there will be a few things to take
note of…
[image: 20230203_144829.jpg]
There is a calendar posted on our bulletin board (the shiny gold paper)
that has events on it. Please have a look and let Tatum or Judy know if you
have an event you’d like added.
There is also a list of ways to serve in the church and a contact if you
are interested. I am attaching a copy of that document to this email for
you to look at. I really want you to consider your gift and how you can
serve the body. If there is another way you’d like to serve, but you don’t
see it listed, let me know!

Finally, another reminder about our annual meeting on February 19th at
1:30pm. Please make that a priority if you are a member… and if you are
not a member please talk to me so I can sign you up! I am attaching our
current membership list. If you are a member, please ensure your name is on
the list – or you can check the copy of the list on our bulletin board.

Blessings and have a great weekend!

Pastor Dave