Online Sign-up for the Weekend of May 16th and Giving Update

Hi everyone,

Once again our Sunday sign-up is live for this weekend. We’ll be doing the
same thing as last weekend: a regular service at 10:30 am which will have
some worship and a sermon – a maximum of 30 can register for this service.
In addition to this we will hold a fellowship time at 9:00 am. We will sing
a few songs together, pray, share scripture and encourage each other –
because Firm Foundations is running at this same time, this gathering is
limited to 20 people.

You can sign up for both at

After some discussion with some board members, we felt it necessary to
share with you where we are at financially as a church.

This has been a tough year for all of us, some more than others, and we
recognize that for many of you continuing to give has been a sacrifice and
for that we are thankful – incredibly thankful.

As of the end of April, our total giving for the year is about $40,000
dollars and our expenses are about $47,000 dollars. This puts us
approximately $7,000 dollars behind for the year so far. Now, if you
attended the annual meeting, you will know we budgeted for a loss of
$13,000 for the year (which was taking into consideration some of the
challenges we knew COVID would bring to giving and to church attendance and
church life). So a loss is not surprising, but it is perhaps a bit more
than we were anticipating for only four months into the year.

We don’t want you to feel guilted into giving or feel pressure to give, we
simply wanted to communicate where we are at and we trust that God will
continue to provide for all our needs. We also feel like it is responsible
to let you know where we are at.

If you have any questions let me know! We truly do appreciate your faithful
giving and support. You are an amazing church to pastor through a crazy
time in the world!


Pastor Dave