Pastor Mikes Garage

Well it’s with a little bit of a heavy heart that I begin this pastor’s
garage. I always copy and paste the contact list from a previous email and
I usually go through it to make sure it’s going to those who want it and no
suspicious email addresses are in there. There was one address that I
chose to remove this week because it would no longer be getting to its
intended recipient.

I’m sure that you have heard that Leona Osiowy went home to be with her
Lord, Saviour and friend Jesus this week. She was a precious woman
who leaves a legacy of faithful service to our Heavenly Father. In this
last season I had the privilege of going to visit her a few times, and even
though she was going through so much, she never failed to challenge, bless
and encourage me. To hear her heart, and see the tears well up in her eyes
whenever the subject of sharing the gospel would come up will always be an
inspiration to me! Both her and her late husband Adam had a firm grip on
what was important in the few years we have on this earth and the legacy of
service to our High King that they have passed on to their children is also
very evident.

Later this afternoon I have the privilege of taking part in a baptism
service at Kenosee lake. A young woman from a town nearby who was recently
saved, and is passionately serving Jesus, asked me to baptize her in a
desire to be fully obedient in every area of her life to Jesus. While I
don’t know her, her husband and family really well, I am inspired by their
passion to publically proclaim and share what Jesus has done in their lives!

Tomorrow I will be sharing a message at church about the spiritual
harvest that is all around us and the need for workers to go out into the
field. Do you see a common theme in all of these things? It’s so easy to
get distracted, discouraged, or deterred from who we are called to be as
Christians in this world! Where are you finding life, fulfillment, meaning
and purpose these days? Or maybe you don’t feel like you have much life,
fulfillment, meaning and purpose these days. I believe that a portion of
scripture that I will be focusing on in the morning holds the key to all of
those things when Jesus said this of Himself in John 4. “My nourishment
comes from doing the will of God, who sent me, and from finishing His
work.”(John 4:34)

We will be having our morning service here at the church at 10:30. I’m
usually here from around nine on. Would you consider coming a bit early to
pray with me? Rachel Drinnan will be leading us in worship. Please make
it a priority to join us in worshipping and learning about our Lord and
Saviour. It’s not that you can’t worship and learn about Him on your own,
there’s just something special that happens when we do it in community!
It’s just not the same when you’re not here!

Pastor Mike