Pastor Mike’s Garage, July 29/21

*Pastor Mike’s Garage, July 29/21*

So I thought for this PG I would just explain what’s happening next
weekend, August 6-8. As I hope you know already, we are once again gonna
have a church family camping weekend. It will be held in Brad
Speidelsbach’s pasture. Trust me, it’s a pretty sweet little spot! It will
go from Friday evening till Sunday afternoon. Below you will see a

There is no power or water service out there so if you have one, I’d
suggest bringing a generator. There will be an outhouse and a large tank of
town water to wash hands and cook with, but parents, please monitor your
children so the water doesn’t get used up for other less necessary
purposes. It is out in a pasture across a field, most vehicles shouldn’t
have any problem getting out there, but I wouldn’t bring your Lamborghini!
For the Sat evening meal, we will be eating together and having a potluck.
Neil Paulgaard is smoking a large roast for that, so the meat for that meal
for the most part will be covered. If you haven’t had the privilege of
tasting one of his famous smoked roasts you are in for a treat! We will
have a service both Saturday evening and Sunday morning, Dave Wicks Sr will
be joining us as a guest speaker for both services so I’m really looking
forward to that! There will be no Sunday service in town. After the service
on Sunday, we will be having our annual church picnic. Hamburgers, hot dogs
and drinks will be provided, feel free to bring a salad or dessert to
compliment the meal.

I know many people have been asking for the last two years when we
were gonna do another one of these. They are a real good time of growing in
fellowship as a church family and I would encourage you to come as much as
you can! There are a number of us who will be staying out there for the
weekend either in campers or tents, but it’s only a few miles from town for
those who would rather drive back and forth. It will be a lot of down to
earth fun! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me
or Pastor Dave. I will be sending out directions to the site in the coming
week, looking forward to hanging out with you there!

Pastor Mike

*GAC Camping weekend extravaganza 2021!*

*August 6,7 and 8th*

Friday-7:30 Rider Game tailgate party on the big screen

-fire down by the lake/sing-a-long?

Saturday-Alvin’s pontoon boat rides

-2pm Pastor Dave’s Adventure Walk

-6pm potluck supper

-7:30 evening service- Dave Sr speaking, Mike Z leading

-mug up!

-fire down by the lake/fireworks?

Sunday-10:30AM morning service-Dave Sr speaking, Rachel D leading

-12pm church picnic

-Alvin’s pontoon boat rides