Pastor Mike’s Garage July 8th, 2021

*Pastor Mike’s Garage-July 8/2021*

Are you ready to get back to normal? What is normal? Will the world
ever really look like we remember it? Should it? Thinking about the
advertised lifting of all Covid restrictions reminds me a little of when I
was 15 waiting to get my license!

Now I was a farm boy, I was driving vehicles before I was 10! At
fifteen I already owned a couple vehicles of my own! I got my first
speeding ticket when I was just 15! We were on a trip to BC and I was
driving while both my parents were sleeping. I can still remember the
officer suggesting to my parents that seeing as I was a learner driver, one
of them should probably stay awake to supervise my driving habits! In the
last few months leading up to my 16th birthday I can still remember how
time seemed to stand still. I was sure that a meteorite would hit planet
earth ending the hopes I had of finally gaining the vehicular freedom I so
dearly longed for! You know the feeling! Trying to patiently wait for
something long anticipated and dreamed for! Or to be reunited or restored
to a place, time, or person that you dearly miss! At times it seems like
the day will never come! Whether it be the many firsts- car, license,
girlfriend/boyfriend, house, dream trip, marriage, end of Covid, and the
list goes on- at times we wonder will it ever come. We think once this
happens, then, finally, my life will be complete! But you also know the
feeling in the days, weeks, and years after achieving that long-awaited
event. Somehow life never turns into the peaceful, joyous utopia we
anticipate it will prior!

The reality is there is nothing in the world or life that can truly,
fully, fulfill and satisfy the deep longing in our souls! We must fix our
eyes one the one who created us with the purpose of having communion with
Him. Psalm 107:9 says “*For He satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry
soul He fills with good things.” *What are you pinning your hopes, dreams
and desires on for fulfillment?

Just a heads up for those not emersed in Facebook culture who may not
be “in the know”! We are doing a church camping weekend Aug 6-8 in Brad
Speidelsbach’s pasture overlooking Cullin’s Lake. It’s a pretty sweet
little spot, should be able to fit 12 or 13 campers in there, several have
spoken for a spot already. We are planning on having a potluck and
fireworks Sat eve, church picnic Sun aft. There will be a service Sat eve,
and Sun morn down there and Dave Wick Sr will be our guest speaker. We
would absolutely love to have you come stay the weekend either in a tent or
camper, but its only 10 miles from town if you want to just come join us
during the day. If you have any questions or want to reserve a spot please
contact me! It’ll be a *little bit of redneck,* but a *lot of fun!*

Pastor Mike