Pastor Mike’s Garage March 18th, 2021

*Pastor Mike’s Garage, March 18/2021*

“For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of
himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober
judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned.”
Romans 12:3

So, I’ll let you in on a little secret, I have allusions of grandeur!
The reality is for the most part I think I’m really something and am
constantly amazed that others don’t recognize and acknowledge my greatness
sooner! I’ve been patiently waiting for one of my video sermons or pastor
garages to go viral and get like a million views. Then the book offers
will come in and naturally I will be asked to make a guest appearance on a
few talk shows. It’s just a matter of time really. Obviously one of these
days a keynote speaker at some large event, concert or conference will not
be able to make it at the last minute and I will be asked to step in and
fill his or her shoes. Everyone will be amazed at my speaking ability and
wonder where I’ve been all this time! The rest will be history, I can
allude to my humble beginnings and how I’m just so glad God could use me in
this way!

What is the path to greatness for the Christian? My mind goes to the
apostle Paul where he says in 1 Cor 2 “I have resolved to know nothing
except Jesus Christ and Him crucified”. Other versions use the word decided
or determined. I don’t think he said this because he didn’t know a thing or
two, Paul was a pretty learned, powerful, influential man who had a
personal literal meeting with Jesus! He spoke to and converted thousands,
performed miracles and yet he came in fear and trembling choosing not to
rely on the wisdom of men! Jesus said he who would be great in the kingdom
of God must be the servant of all. I Cor 1:27 says that God has chosen the
foolish things of this world to shame the wise!

The other night during the worship service at the church I had a bit
of epiphany. It was while we were singing the song “Worthy of it all”, the
chorus being “you are worthy of it all, you are worthy of it all, for from
you are all things, and to you are all things, you deserve the glory.” that
I began to think of some of my grandiose dreams for my exaltation and the
vision of the prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 6 came to mind. You know the one,
about the seraphim flying around and the hot coals touching lips and him
saying “Woe is me for I am lost”! The reality is Isaiah wasn’t no chump, he
was a prophet! In that day they were more powerful than kings. They were
the only ones who had the Holy Spirit within them and only they could
directly hear from God. The masses hung on their words. And yet in the
presence of almighty God he became totally undone! He became painfully
aware of his own inadequacy and level of importance. I had a little taste
of that last Friday night while singing that song! I became acutely aware
while singing the chorus about Him being worthy of it all that any
greatness that I, or anyone else for that matter, could possibly achieve in
this world in comparison to His majesty absolutely, unequivocally pales in
comparison. It wasn’t a matter of me choosing to lay down my dreams in some
sacrificial manner, but rather coming to the complete realization that all
my dreams in comparison to his glory are absolutely meaningless! He is
worthy of it all, worthy of all my time, my devotion, my praise, my life!
It is so not about me! It absolutely matters not whether I am serving Him
as some keynote speaker, or scrubbing toilets in the slums of a third world
country in utter obscurity, He alone is worthy of all the glory!

Pastor Mike