Pastor Mike’s Garage March 9th, 2023

Good morning. I am emailing you from the ACOP head office this morning in
Calgary. I’ve once again had the privilege of sitting on the Global Harvest
leadership team for another year. It’s been awesome to serve and to see and
hear what God is doing around the globe. I’ll be flying home later this
afternoon. Please pray for uneventful travels. This Sunday Liz and I will
be out at Jacob Bear church so please pray for that service. Pastor Mike
will be speaking in Grenfell so please pray for him…. and here is Pastor
Mike’s message:


*Pastor Mike’s Garage-Mar 9/2023*

“The enemy comes but to steal, kill, and destroy, but I have come that you
might have life, and life more abundantly!” John 10:10

How’s the battle going? We have an enemy that is actively trying to steal,
kill and destroy! He try’s to do that on a variety of fronts. There are
attacks on our health, our relationships, our finances, and a variety of
other external areas in our lives. And then there are the internal attacks.
The ones that affect our potential, our calling, our gifts, our self
awareness and our self confidence! I’ve heard it said the strongest
battlefield is the one for the mind!

I won’t lie to you, I have been in a season of struggle as of late. I’ve
been doing a lot of self evaluation, trying to become more self aware, and
have struggled with some self loathing! I tend to read into situations and
comments, or lack thereof, way too much while trying to gauge others
thoughts or opinions about me. I overthink things on a regular basis. After
the fact I obsess with things I have said or done, evaluating my motives or
presentation. While I think with some small measure it is healthy to spend
time taking a honest look in the mirror, it can quickly become unhealthy,
especially considering we have a adversary whispering lies in our ears, and
heart about who we are! I’ve heard it said, if you want to become more
selfless, you need to start thinking about self less!

If there are thoughts of doubt about how God could use you in any given
situation, you have to realize that as much as you could possibly care, or
want to make a difference, He cares more! He can open the door, set the
stage, make a way, soften a heart far better than we could ever hope too!
Don’t worry, He’s got this, its not up to you and your abilities or lack
thereof! He promises to equip us, give us wisdom, give us the strength,
give us the words, give us the insight, give us the power as we rely on
Him! He who called you IS faithful! He who has begun a good work in you
WILL complete it! It’s NOT about you or how much knowledge, strength,
ability or charisma you have! He’s also not limited by your weaknesses, or
past failures for that matter either! We need to take our eyes off this
momentary affliction and fix them on Jesus, the author and finisher of our
faith! You want to talk about being weak, take a good look at every single
one of the great men and women God chose to use in the bible! All had
character flaws! All had past failures! All had doubts and fears! All had
dessert, wilderness experiences! Yet God chose to use them to write history
for His glory! Be encouraged today, He has come to give you life, and life
more abundantly! Take your eyes off self, take them off situations, take
them off what this world has to offer, and fix them on Jesus!

“Now may the God of peace Himself, sanctify you completely, and may your
whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord
Jesus Christ. He who calls you is faithful, He will surely do it!” 1
Thessalonians 2:23-24

Pastor Mike