Pastor Mike’s Garage October 28th, 2021

*Pastor Mike’s garage-Oct 28/21*

What I want to write about today is born out of something Josh said
this last Sunday in church at the end of his presentation when he was
fielding questions from the congregation. He was asked what strategy or
argument he uses in working with Muslims in trying to share the gospel. He
replied, that while there were times that he has gotten into discussion
with them about our differences in faith, very rarely is anyone ever argued
into a change of opinion or faith. He stated that the times that bear fruit
is usually with those who God has already birthed a hunger for something
different than what they have, and he just tries to affirm or point them in
the direction that God is already leading them on.

This took me back to the night when I came back to the Lord’s leading
in my life. I grew up in a Christian home and was immersed in Christian
culture. My personality was a people pleaser so, as long as my sphere of
influence was those found within my family, school and the church, I was
seen as the perfect little boy, always striving to be that person that I
thought they wanted me to be. The trouble was that later in life when I
left home and went to Saskatoon for post-secondary education my sphere of
influenced changed drastically and the priorities of those I was trying to
please were quite different. Unfortunately, I was happy to oblige by
joining them in the activities, priorities and lifestyle that they were a
part of. Upon my return to Grenfell I continued in my new found freedom
from the restrictions of the Christian lifestyle and enjoyed the popularity
I found as being the likeable new party guy in town. On the inside though I
was as empty and conflicted as ever! It was one Sunday afternoon during
this time that I ran into Cam Osiowy driving a shiny red freshly painted
Camaro. Being both car guys and long-time neighbours we stopped and talked
for a while and it was during this conversation that he mentioned he was
headed to church that night and wondered if I wanted to go along. I can
barely remember the service, I’m not 100% sure who even shared and
definitely couldn’t tell you what they shared on, but it was a life
changing service for me. I knew that I knew that I knew I wasn’t finding
fulfillment in the life I was living and something had to change. That
night I made the conscious decision to start to try pleasing God the
priority in my life instead of those around me and it has made all the

The question I have for you is how do we view our role as we try and
share the gospel. Is it our job to try and convince or argue anyone to
start seeing things the way we do? If you have been trying that tactic in
any area in life, whether it be in religion, politics, or even covid
restrictions, how’s that working out for you? I’m pretty sure when Cam left
his yard heading into town for church that fateful night his game plan was
not to find Mike Zorn and invite him to church because he was dying inside!
God was doing the real work; all it took was a simple invite to get the
ball rolling in my life! Pastor Dave mentioned last week about the pickle
we find ourselves currently in as pastors. We have polar opposite, strongly
held, opinions surrounding us and in fact several families have disappeared
altogether! To be honest, yes, this is concerning and at times
discouraging! Is it because we are worried about their tithe, filling pews
and thus our jobs? Nope! Is it because we think this the only place they
could possibly meet or learn about God? Thats a negatory big momma!
Believe it or not we actually care about you, like you, miss them, and
believe enough in the value of a community of believers that we think it
valuable that they be with us both for our sakes and theirs rather than
withdrawing! Are there those on your heart today that used to be in
community with us that have withdrawn? Are there those on your heart today
that you know desperately need to find relationship with God and a
community of believers to surround them? Sometimes all it takes is a simple

Pastor Mike