Pastor Mike’s Garage October 3rd, 2020

*Pastor Mike’s Garage-Oct 3, 2020*

Hey there, I’ll keep this short and sweet, partially out of the fact
that I feel like I’m running between things and partially because my head
still feels like it’s in a bit of a whirlwind. I just got back from Calgary
from a ACOP training course called EPIC 2.0. It was a four day intensive
course with the intent of making us better pastors. This module was focused
on various issues such as conflict resolution, leading change, youth
ministry, developing mission ministry in the local church, board
governance, maintaining positive team culture, practical christian ministry
(ie. conducting weddings, funerals, baptisms, and baby dedications), and
developing and maintaining ministry resiliency. While there was quite a bit
of class time under various instructors, there was also ample time to
fellowship with the others taking this course from all over western Canada.
This was the fourth and final module and there were eight graduates from
the program. I unfortunately did not graduate as I missed the first module
but still have no regrets and feel the three modules that I was able to
attend was huge in my personal development. Not to mention getting to know
some of the participants much better and meeting some new friends and
colleagues and developing some friendships that I have grown to cherish!

This brings me to the point of what I want to share in this pastor’s
garage. I’ll let you in on a little secret, as I looked at my fellow Epic
classmates I was a little intimidated! They are a very talented group who
strive to lead their various ministries with excellence. Many are very
musically gifted, are very intelligent, intentional, high capacity people.
To be perfectly honest if I were to compare my own skill set, excellence
and energy level at times, I felt I didn’t measure up! I know it can be
very unhealthy to compare ourselves with others but we all do, right?
During class one afternoon I was really struggling with my self confidence
in light of those around me. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I have
no self confidence! Start talking about hunting, farming, motorbikes, old
cars or put a wrench in my hand and I’m in my element. It’s just that in
that particular setting I felt I was falling short of the standard. It was
during a prayer time when God had placed a burden to pray for another
classmate that was in process of leaving a church possibly feeling discouraged
about his own capabilities and calling that I had a God light bulb moment.
I felt prompted to pray over him that he wasn’t called to be anyone else or
try to measure up to anyone else but rather God had created him uniquely
for the purpose he was called to perform and he was perfect just as he was
to fulfill that purpose. Phil 1:6 came to mind. “For I am confident of this
very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the
day of Christ Jesus.” No sooner had I prayed that over him I thought, hmm,
and why would that not also be applicable to me? No I will never amaze
anyone with my musical talents, my energy level and capacity to perform
many tasks simultaneously with extreme excellence might not compare to
some, I may not wax eloquent while expounding the word, but could it not be
possible that I have and am being created for specific purpose and that God
is capable to bring that about in my life? It’s not a matter of being
self-confident, but rather God-confident! Guess what, that same is true
about you! You’re not called to be anyone else but you! You have a unique
skill set and personality that can bring about God’s desired purpose and
calling that no-one else can achieve as good as you! Whenever I find myself
feeling inadequate I pray this simple prayer, “God help me to be all who
you have created me to be, nothing more, nothing less!”

Pray for Kelly Phillips as she leads worship this weekend, pray for
Pastor Dave as he shares what God has laid on his heart for this week!

Pastor Mike