Pastors Garage

*Pastors Garage-Feb 8/2024*

Well once again we are getting a little shot of winter! It feels like the
fifth winter and spring we have had in the last few months! Well “actual”
spring is getting a little bit closer! The days are getting a little bit
longer! Hang in there, we’re gonna make it!

There seems to be a lot going on in the next few weeks so I thought I would
just take this opportunity to highlight some of that. This Sunday, Feb 11,
just to celebrate our church family, build community, and maybe celebrate
valentine’s day a little bit, Cheryl Fischer asked if she could orchestrate
a fellowship time before church where we could just gather and enjoy each
other’s company. In light of that, you are welcome to come to the church at
9:30am to enjoy some coffee, tea, juice, muffins, danishes and various
fruits! If you would like to help out with this in some way please contact

The following Sunday, Feb 18, will be our monthly potluck, plus it is our
annual meeting. That will happen at 1:30pm. The reports are ready and
available to look over if that’s something that interests you. While our
reports and attendance to the meeting is open to the public, only those who
are members of our church can hold office, make motions, or vote. If
membership is something that interests you please contact me and I would be
happy to help you out with that process. It’s not too strenuous, and
usually just involves some kind of gift to the acting pastor of some form
of homemade pastry…..

The following Sunday, Feb 25, I am excited to announce we will be having a
baptismal service! Cryssi Sens, who will have just freshly returned from
her mission trip to Mexico, has expressed a desire to share her testimony
and be baptized! If that is a step that you have not yet taken, would you
prayerfully consider taking that step with us that day? I want to include
an insert from a worksheet that Pastor Dave developed for a baptismal
service we did in 2021.

*Baptism will not; cleanse me from sin, make me a new person, or give me
eternal life!*

*Baptism is; a step of faith, a step of obedience, a step of commitment,
and a public testimony!*

If this is something that interests you or if you would just like to
discuss it further, please give me a shout, I would love to discuss it over
a coffee and some form of homemade pastry!

Well I have an unseasonably unusual amount of mud to shovel at a local car
wash so I will sign off for now. Hope to see you soon!

Pastor Mike