Pastor’s Garage April 22nd, 2021 – 12 Hours of Prayer

Good afternoon everyone!

This Pastor’s Garage will be a bit different this week. Beyond a reminder
that there will be no church again this Sunday the 25th, there is really
not a lot to announce or talk about. We will evaluate early next week what
our plan moving forward will be as far as services or gatherings. Please
stay tuned.

However, there is something really, really important that I want us all to
be involved in tomorrow. We are going to pray as a body from 6:00 am to
6:00 pm.

Very specifically I am asking you to pray for Ken Dimler and Joachim
Hanberg (married to Kaitlyn) and any others who are sick of course. However
I want you to focus your prayers on Ken and Joachim.

Ken has been in the hospital since Monday afternoon and is currently on a
ventilator. His family would like prayer for: normal oxygen levels,
beginning to breathe on his own, that his improvements wouldn’t be natural
but supernatural improvements, and that his progress would supersede what
the medical world says it will.

Joachim was admitted to hospital recently as well for pneumonia and their
family would like prayer for confirmed negative Covid tests, stable blood
sugars, wisdom and discernment for his medical team and that he would be
home to his family as quickly as possible.

I have set up a sign up sheet for 12 hours of prayer starting tomorrow at
6:00am which you can see at

On that page there is a spreadsheet showing when people have signed up. You
can find the sign-up link there or go directly to it here:

Please, please look at the spreadsheet first before signing up as I really
want us to have 12 hours of solid prayer without any missed times. If you
are having a hard time email me or text or call me and I will get your name
on the list! Also, be patient. I’ve never ever set something like this up
and there may be some kinks in the system.

If you want more info on Ken or Joachim feel free to reach out to me or Liz
and we can give you more details on how you can pray.

God bless and let’s rock 12 hours of prayer tomorrow. Sign up!!!

Pastor Dave