Pastor’s Garage August 31, 2017

The last day of August. Hard to believe. But it has been a great summer. Sort of seems like it has been going on forever! Lot’s of farmers are busy right now putting in long hours as this summer comes to an end. You know, we are so privileged to be living in a community where we can see God’s kingdom principles illustrated year after year, right before our eyes.

On monday morning my dad and I went for a little dirt bike ride around the country. At one point we followed a quad trail up onto a rise where we could overlook Crooked Lake. It was beautiful. For those who think there is nothing to see in Saskatchewan, man they are so wrong. There is something majestic about Saskatchewan that points my heart to the Majesty.

This Sunday we’ll be finishing up the last chapter of John, chapter 21. It’s a pretty short chapter but please come having read that. My sermon title is "Feed My Sheep" and I’ll be answering the question, "What is the most important thing in life?"

There’s been a few questions about the Kid’s Church assistant position, so I’ll try to clear that up. The assistant’s job is to be a helper/floater between the three classrooms. Our policy requires that no adult is ever left alone with children so rather than have 2 teachers per class, we will be installing some windows in the three classroom doors and the assistant will be a floater who can move between the classrooms and provide assistance where needed and sort of be a "hall monitor," distribute snacks, and help with potty breaks. That way, for each of the classes the assistant functions as that 2nd adult. Next Sunday I’ll be sharing a bit more about our program and our policy to hopefully make all of this clear. We really are making some significant changes to the way we handle Kid’s Church this year.

One exciting thing that I will mention again about our kid’s program is the curriculum we have chosen. You can learn more about it [youtube] that explains a little bit about it. Everyone who has seen the curriculum has gotten really excited. I think it will streamline a lot of things. I’m excited!

On Tuesday night I was in the church and a handful of people who are helping to shape our Sunday morning worship were with me and we were praying and talking together about worship. For me there was a strong sense to ask God to mercifully move us along (not only in worship but in all the things we do) closer and closer to His will so that we can see His kingdom here in Grenfell. I prayed that God would gently remove or push aside anything that was hindering Him from moving. Would you join with me in prayer on this? That God’s will be done in Grenfell. That His kingdom would come to Grenfell.

Please also pray for me this weekend and for the worship team. I can tell when people are holding me up in prayer.

God bless,

Pastor Dave