Pastor’s Garage September 9th, 2017

I was out of town for the better part of two days this week and so I missed getting this out earlier. There’s a handful of important things I’d like you to be aware of.

Tonight is Second Saturday at 7, our monthly prayer meeting. My wife Liz will be leading the prayer while I attempt to put the kids to bed 🙂 Please feel free to join us in prayer for our church and for our community. If you have a prayer request you’d like to be covered tonight, please respond here or text me at 306-589-9020.

Tomorrow I will be sharing a few thoughts from Philippians 4:5-7 regarding anxiety. It seems at least for myself there are seasons where I need to check my level of anxiety and evaluate my level of stress and how I am handling it. Even this morning I needed to follow some of the principles that this passage lays out for us. If you have struggled or do struggle with anxiety this is an important passage to memorize and meditate on.

We will also be praying for our key Kid’s Church leaders tomorrow. Waylon and Rachel Kardash (pre-K), Tamara Speidelspach (K-2) and Liz Wicks (grades 3-6) have all agreed to take on an age group this year for Kid’s Church. They’ll be teaching regularly and coordinating teachers and volunteers for the age group they cover. They will need our support and prayers throughout the year as well. These kid’s we have attending are a treasure!

I’ll also be sharing a few thoughts regarding the way Kid’s Church will be run this year. We have written a very important document this year called the Grenfell Apostolic Child Protection Policy. It provides some basic structure on how we will care for our kids and keep them safe but it also provides safety for the workers in this day and age. I am attaching the document to this email. If you are thinking of volunteering or planning on volunteering you must read it. For those of us who can’t handle the heavy read (it’s only 4 pages), I’m also attaching a short version. One of the things you have already heard about is the police check and application. You will not be able to volunteer unless you have done this. Please ensure that the police check includes the vulnerable sector check. Just tell them you want that done when you apply for it, they will know what you mean. I know it will mean some changes and adjustments on our part, but I think that they are all for the better.

One of the changes that has happened because of the way we want to do Kid’s Church is that we have had to relocate the quilters who come in every Tuesday. They have had to move out of a room that has been their long time home. We were sorry to have to move them but they have been gracious enough to try and find a new home in the church. They have also agreed to make a special quilt to hang on the wall in our kid’s wing – so hug a quilter today!

As always, pray for the service tomorrow, for our worship teams and for me as I share – and if you are able, please come and pray with us tonight.

Pastor Dave

Protection Policy Revised June 10th 2017 (1).pdf

Protection Policy Revised June 10th 2017 – SHORT VERSION.pdf