Pastor’s Garage December 8th, 2022

Hello again! I have no doubt that I say this every year around this time,
but I can’t believe how close Christmas is and how fast this year is
disappearing. But here we are, the year is almost over… another year has
come and gone. It can be a melancholy moment for some of us as we perhaps
look back with regrets or frustration but it can also be a time of joy and
celebration as we look back on our year and hold a posture of thankfulness
for what God has done. I’d encourage you to try and do the latter more. Yes
of course you can see things that you wish you did or things that you wish
you had not done, but there is likely much to be thankful for as well.

This Sunday I will be completing the series on the Tabernacle Prayer. I
will be sharing about the Altar of Incense and the Ark of the Covenant. I
am looking forward to sharing with you some final thoughts on the
Tabernacle and I hope that it has been a lifegiving series for you. I know
for myself that it has helped me many times when I didn’t know what to pray
for or how to pray. I’m curious to hear if anyone has tried or plans to
incorporate any of this teaching into their prayer time? Please let me
know, I’d love to hear how it has gone.

We won’t be having a potluck this month as we felt that so many people are
busy with the Christmas season. However, we will be having a Christmas Eve
service on the 24th at 7:00pm and I really encourage you to join us. It’s a
short and sweet candle lit service with Christmas carols and message. We
won’t be having a service on Christmas day, so please join us for this.

I’ve been talking a lot about our Vision for 2022/23. That we would be:

– People of Prayer
– People of the Word
– People who Gather
– People who Give and Serve

I’m going to keep talking about this as we go into the new year. I truly
believe that these are fruitful practices that lead us closer to Christ and
help us to experience his sweet presence. I’ve been speaking about prayer
lately and have shared this year about the importance of giving. In the new
year I’m planning on us focusing more on the Gather aspect and what that
means for us. I’m also planning on giving you a resource about ways to
serve in the church to give everyone a way to get more involved and have an
outlet to serve.


Pastor Dave