Pastor’s Garage from Pastor Mike for January 15th, 2021

*Pastor Mike’s Garage, Jan 15/21*

So here we are two weeks into January of 2021! How are you doing with
this years edition of a new years resolution? I’ve had several throughout
the years, gonna loose weight, exercise more, read more, watch tv less, and
the list goes on! One reoccurring resolution I’ve had throughout my life is
to read through the bible in the year. This year again I felt it wouldn’t
hurt to try and do that.

It was while reading the account of Gods call on Abram’s life in
Genesis that I was reminded of a principle that is found throughout
scripture. Abram is already 75 years old, married, established in life with
flocks, servants, and wealth when God calls him to a foreign land. God
promises him He will lead him, establish him, bless him, give him a great
name and make him a great nation. Abram’s nephew Lot decides to tag along
with his family and flock as well. When they get to the land that God has
promised it is apparent that they have to split up as the valley can’t
sustain both families. This is where the aforementioned principle comes
into place. Abram being the uncle, the elder, the more wealthy, not to
mention the one that God had given the promise to in the first place,
should have been the one to choose where his family would set up. Lot
should have been happy with the spoils. Yet the opposite happened! Abram
told Lot to choose. Of course Lot chose the rich fertile valley, described
as a beautiful garden. It was Abram who took the leftovers, and yet God
blessed him!

We see this principle played out time and time again throughout
scripture. Whether it be the story of Jacob and Laban, where Jacob is
promised the speckled inferior sheep and Laban the spotless sheep and
magically more speckled sheep are born, Joseph, the favourite child of
promise, sold into slavery, who through his integrity and faithful
servanthood rises to be the second most powerful man in the land. David the
shepherd boy, anointed to be a future king, proving himself in battle,
being faithful to a man that continually is trying to kill him, yet
refusing to lift a finger against him when given the chance. And the list
goes on. Yet there is a similar principle also found within scripture. Time
and time again we find God giving someone a promise, yet it is seemingly
not being fulfilled in the timeframe they initially anticipated so they
decide to “help” God out! This scenario inevitably ends time and time again
in disastrous consequences!

How do we react when we feel we are being taken advantage of? When we
are being slighted or abused? When the things that God has promised just
don’t seem to be coming to pass? Can we really trust Him and His promises
to lead, guide, provide and protect us? I would suggest though personal
experience the answer is yes! I have seen both of these principles played
out in my life. God has many times provided and done the impossible! And
yes, there has definitely been a time or two where I have taken things into
my own hands with a less than desirable outcome! I will leave you with one
of my favourite verses, one I have used in other pastor garages. Trust in
the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In
all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.
Proverbs 3:5-6

Just a reminder to register for this Sunday’s gathering. Due to
current regulations we have to limit numbers to 30 and as it has been
pretty close to that over the last few weeks. We are kicking around the
idea of having another one possibly in the afternoon on Sunday’s if there
is sufficient interest. We would appreciate your feedback. As in, are there
those out there that would have come but couldn’t due to it being full? Or
suggestions on a preferable time?

Pastor Mike