Pastor’s Garage January 8th, 2021

Good morning everyone. The service for this weekend is currently uploading
and should be available on our website/facebook tomorrow afternoon. Mike
and Kelly did a great job leading some worship and there is some stuff put
together for the kids by Aynslee Dimler. Man, I appreciate everyone who has
continued to serve through this time.

I recorded my sermon yesterday and I would encourage you to take the time
to listen. Not because I need you to hear me, but because I think it is a
message, including myself, that we all need to hear. I don’t really have a
title but the heart of the message is turn your eyes to Jesus – He is the
only one worthy of your attention and the only one who can satisfy the
longing of your heart!

We are so quick to look to things or to other people to lead us, to inspire
us, to comfort us, to make things better – and on and on. We are looking
for a superhero. We’re looking for a “fix.” We are looking for the next big
thing. The next teaching from so and so. That experience or that new big
ticket (or small ticket depending on our budget) item that will bring
happiness. If you have heard this before and are rolling your eyes, resist
the temptation to dismiss this. This is the core human problem that started
in the garden. We want to take the place of God! We want to be masters. We
think we don’t need Him. We can take care of ourselves. Think this is not
you? Rubbish (as an old english friend used to say), this is *your* core

As I share in my sermon, the longer covid has gone on I have become a
little more and more melon collie. I think part of this has to do with how
many things have been stripped away or gutted and now feel a little more
empty – church life, hockey, family life, time with friends etc… Even a
recent trip to the city and lunch at my favorite fast food restaurant felt
hollow. There’s no doubt some things are feeling rather hollow right now,
but it shouldn’t affect me so much unless I am putting too much stock in
those things – which I think we have all been doing! We have been looking
to things, to people, to experiences, to fill the void when there is only
one superhero – the righteous one, Jesus Christ!

We all need to fix our eyes on Him. He is enough – it does not matter if
things are hollow. He isn’t! He is everything we, albeit all humanity and
the universe, needs! Turn your eyes to Christ.

I would encourage you to read Colossians 1:13-23 before you listen to my
sermon. Read it slowly and carefully. Read it with your heart ready to hear
from God. Read it when you have the mental space to slow down a bit. Read
it after you have quieted your mind and invited God to speak to you. Do
that and let Christ fill your vision. He really is the one we need, all we

Man, if you do that you probably don’t even need to watch my sermon, but
watch it anyway and make me feel better by getting the views up 🙂

Dear Friends. God bless you.

Pastor Dave