Pastor’s Garage July 14th, 2022

Good afternoon everyone. I hope that you are enjoying a little sunshine on
your shoulder! It is sure warm and muggy this afternoon. I was in Regina
recently and there’s lots of canola flowering like crazy. I love seeing
that sea of yellow, especially when it’s close to a field of flax. The
purple and yellow almost look unreal next to each other. We are fortunate
to live with such beauty around us. God has given us so much to enjoy, but
I fear at times that I am distracted by all manner of things. Summer is
naturally a time to live a bit of a different schedule. Schools out for
some. Some jobs slow down. Some don’t. I know farmers have crazy busy
seasons during spring and fall. But regardless of our occupation, try to
find some God time this summer. There is just something a little different
about summers.

Life is paced just a bit different, so take advantage of it! Whether its a
prayer walk in the cool of the day, a coffee with God in the morning with
your bible, a drive in the country with the windows down, some time on the
lake or sitting in your back yard listening to the birds, meditating about
God’s creation. Do something to cultivate your relationship with God. God
is a person who can be known and who knows us. He is not a mystical cloud,
but a person. As David says, we were made in a way that our hearts and
spirits call out to Him! If we quiet the noise I think we can hear our own
hearts calling out to God. We were made to know Him.

*Psalm 42:1-2*
As the deer pants for streams of water,
so my soul pants for you, my God.
My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.
When can I go and meet with God?

This Sunday we have a special guest giving their testimony and we will be
saying goodbye to Jon and Esther and their family with a prayer time.
Depending on the time left in the service I may or may not share a devotion
on Matthew 6:25-34. Please join us as I know you won’t want to miss the
testimony this young man has to share.

From July 18th to August 1st we’ll be taking some holiday days. We’ll be in
town for some of those days, but will be taking some day trips and spending
time doing summer stuff. On July 24th, Pastor Mike will be speaking and
then on July 31st, my dad Dave Wicks Sr. will be sharing.

Be blessed and have a great weekend!

Oh and prayer is always on. 7:00pm Saturday night at the church!