Pastor’s Garage July 16th, 2021

Hi everyone,

Hot enough for you? It’s toasty to say the least. When Liz and I lived in
the Philippines many people would have a siesta at about 3:00 in the
afternoon. In fact we were in Manila once doing some work on one of our
Visas and had to stand in this long line to get this paperwork done. After
being in line for a while we got to the front and then the lights were
dimmed and all these people put their heads on their desks and took 20
minutes of shut-eye. When I enquired they said, “Siesta sir!”

Well if you see me lying by the side of the road these days around three,
don’t disturb me cause it’s Siesta time!

This past week I took a few days of holiday and went on a little road trip
with my son Mason. It was a great time just spending quality time together,
having fun and talking about life and connecting with each other. He’s an
amazing kid and I am so proud to be his dad. We ended up spending our time
staying in Eston and exploring the area around there. We fished, we swam,
went for hikes, watched Star Wars, ate fast food and talked a lot about
growing up.

I spent grade 8 to 12 in Eston and then 2 years of Bible College there. It
was kind of surreal talking about growing up in the place where I did quite
a bit of growing up. It struck me how amazing God is and how faithful he
has been in my life, despite my wanderings through the years. It also
struck me how quickly life moves on. I left Eston when I was about 20. 25
years later I am back, halfway through I hope a full 90 years of life and
my son is just beginning his, and I still feel like I am just getting
started in life.

Ephesians 5:16 says “making the most of every opportunity, because the days
are evil.”

Moments passed by (as some of you know) turn into days, weeks and then
years and without the move of God and his kingdom growing in and through
us, evil will creep around and find its way into our world. That’s one of
the reasons I spent this time with Mason. Before you know it, he’ll be
grown up and I won’t have this chance.

And I know that there were many people who prayed for, invested in and
touched my life. They took time out of their lives for me.

Who might need you in your world today? Who might need a call or a visit or
a conversation? What might need to be dealt with now before it’s too far
along? Don’t squander the opportunities you have been given!