Pastor’s Garage June 18th, 2020

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to update you on a couple of really important things. As
Pastors and Elders we have been discussing the regulations the Saskatchewan
government has given us regarding public gatherings. Last week they did
make a change in the number of people allowed in a service from 30 up to
30% of capacity as long as the appropriate social distancing can be
maintained. We’ve made the decision to stay the course with our online
service and some of our other programs at least until September unless
there is some major change. I know that this will be hard for some of you,
but I encourage you to reach out to myself and Pastor Mike and to engage in
Realignment 2020 – which I am excited to share more of with you today.

*Realignment 2020*

So if you head over to and scroll
down to “Situation – part 1” you will find a link to a youtube video and a
handout. Now you can just go through this by yourself. Watch the video and
go through the handout.

However, I would strongly suggest that you get together in a small group –
perhaps with your extended household or in a backyard – and listen to or
watch the video and discuss the questions as a group, pray for each other,
and encourage each other. You could contact people inside your 5Alive group
or outside. You could let your 5Alive leader that you don’t know who to do
it with if you are feeling stuck. They can either help you find someone or
they will let us know and we’ll get you connected. You can contact the
office and let us know. We will make a way for you to do it with someone.

I really think that this series will be a sobering but life giving process!
I strongly encourage you to go through it. The video is only 20 minutes
long and I think it is very accessible.

This week’s online sermon will be different but will be complementary to
the Realignment teaching. We will be doing both for the time being.

*Front Lawn Friday: *Once again, weather permitting, I’ll be on the front
lawn of the church from 10am to noon. Stop by if you need prayer, a visit
or some encouragement.

God bless!

Pastor Dave