Pastor’s Garage May 12th, 2022

Below is some very exciting news about this summer from Pastor Mike! But
before you read that, just a quick reminder about Potluck this Sunday and
our round table discussion to follow! Blessings and have a great weekend!

*Pastor Mike’s Garage-May 12/2022*

So, I have some exciting, save the date, kind of news! After many
inquiries, and much anticipation, I am announcing that we are having our
annual church camping weekend once again this year! In an effort to include
as many people as possible, in a user-friendly facility, I have booked Camp
O’Neill on round lake for August 5-7. They have 10 cabins families without
campers can stay in, 10 serviced campsites for those of you who would like
to bring your camper, and I’m sure there would be other areas we could park
a camper should more want to come! There are washrooms & showers, a dining
hall, and chapel. It has a pretty nice lake front, canoes to rent, and if
you have a canoe or kayak, please bring it! I’m hoping I can talk a couple
guys from our church that have pontoon boats(hint, hint) into bringing them
for the weekend! While these types of weekends definitely give us an
opportunity to grow as a church family, I am planning and working toward it
being a time of spiritual growth and renewal as well! There will be some
costs associated with the weekend(they don’t give these types of facilities
away), and I am hoping to have a guest speaker, but the cost definitely
won’t be any higher on a per family basis than if we were to have it at a
provincial campground, while the facilities are just as nice and more

While I was thinking about writing this PG my mind went to something Pastor
Dave Wick Sr. talked about last summer at our camping weekend. He mentioned
the Jewish festival of Sukkot, or festival of tents. This is a week long
holiday observed by the Jews and Samaritans still to this day to celebrate
the harvest and to remember the forty years wandering in the desert living
in tents! During this festival families move out of their home and
construct and live in a temporary dwelling as a reminder of God leading
them in the desert and to give thanks for what He has blessed them with.
They construct a Sukkah that looks something like this.

I know what you’re thinking, Pastor Mike, that pretty much looks like your
camper! It does remind me of camping though!

I have long been an advocate for camp ministry! There’s just something
about leaving your day-to-day familiar surroundings for a season and
spending it with others seeking the Lord that opens our hearts and minds to
what God is trying to say. I know the positive impact summer camps have had
on my life! While I thinks its ok and good to just go camping, I think it
also very important to seek to have a Christian summer camp experience as
well! Someone once told me dysfunction is hard to recognize from within
one’s circumstances. It is once we remove ourselves from the situation that
we can more clearly see the way out and the adjustments necessary to bring
health to our situation. That is what weekends like this have the potential
to do in our lives! While we would absolutely love for you to join us for
this weekend, if doesn’t work for you, would you consider making it a
priority to spend a season with your whole family at some sort of Christian
camp this summer seeking God’s direction for your lives?

If you have any questions or would like to book a spot already, please feel
free to contact me! I am working out the costs on a per person or family
basis and am striving to make it as affordable as possible for everyone!
Hope to see you there! Trust me baby, you gots no better place to be!

Pastor Mike