Pastor’s Garage November 30th, 2017

Hey everyone. I hope that your week has gone well. I have recently got an older snowmobile that me and the boys can’t wait to get into some snow. So I apologize but I have really been hoping for some snow. On top of that wouldn’t it be nice to get some snow for Christmas. "I’m dreaming of a brown and muddy Christmas." -no one.

I am excited to hear of people getting inspired to pray more. One person I know took a prayer rock and placed it in a place he felt God needed to show up, so he left the rock there for a while, prayed about it and then brought it back to the church. I think this is awesome! Let’s continue to rally together in prayer! Remember what it says in Nehemiah about rallying together- our God will fight for us.

This Sunday we’ll be taking up an offering for the GTA church planting initiative of ACOP. Remember that Daniel and Anna Cole will be joining us via skype so let’s be praying and thinking about that. They will be available to answer our questions and we’ll get to pray for them and their team. If you do make a donation to that initiative please clearly mark on the envelope "GTA" so that we can get it to the right place. I sent out some links last week but here’s another one that might interest you, it’s a link to a facebook group so that you can keep up to date on things, I might share a little bit that morning but most of our time we want to spend talking with them and praying with them.

Please plan on attending our pot-luck on the 17th after church. It’s going to be a Christmas potluck. We’re gonna go all out and decorate. We’re going to provide the Turkey and the fixings. We ask that you please bring either a salad or a desert. We’d also encourage you to bring or invite a friend. We’re going to sing lots of Christmas carols, the kids will join us for that service and are planning on singing a song for us. It’s a great time of year to welcome people.

This Sunday we’ll also be starting our Advent celebration. Instead of our traditional readings I plan on doing something with the kid’s time to celebrate and recognize Advent. Also please note that on Christmas eve we will be having only an evening service. There will not be a regular morning service on that day.

Mike Zorn and his team are leading this Sunday so please uphold him in prayer. Pray for God to be present and to be moving in our service as well as we talk and pray with Daniel and Anna.

God bless,

Pastor Dave