The Pastor’s Garage December 7th, 2017

Well, I guess I got my snow. A little more would be nice, but I’ll take what I can get. It looks like the weather is supposed to warm up so we might end up losing a bunch of it pretty soon.

I’ve recently started to modify one of my go-karts. It used to be one wheel drive and could go about 55 km/hr, but that just seemed a little boring and slow, so I’m attempting to upgrade the power plant with something that has a little more spunk – 2 stroke motor with a four speed transmission :). I don’t think I could not upgrade!

Isn’t there something wired within us to constantly improve whatever we are doing? If it’s not there or if it’s been lost, I can’t help but think that something has stolen it away. I wonder about my faith walk as I say this. Where are we hoping to upgrade our relationship with God? What areas do you need to improve? I think we can sometimes get a little stagnant in our faith and we lose the drive to improve or grow. Allow God’s spirit to speak to you as the new year approaches. I think we all have ways that we can grow and with that growth comes life, excitement, challenge and all kinds of good things.

This week I will be speaking on 1 Peter 1:3-6 and focusing on the idea of rejoicing in our salvation. We’ll be taking a break from speaking on Nehemiah and on prayer until the new year begins. But please don’t lose sight of the call to prayer we are making. Please fill the prayer table. Please pray more than you have before, even if that only means 30 minutes a week. It is prayer that will continue to bring the kingdom of God here – and I think we can already see things starting to come. Also pray for Lisa Osiowy and her team as they lead the worship.

Speaking of prayer, this Saturday is Second Saturday. We’ll be meeting here to pray at 7:00pm. Our focus this week is the youth of our community. We’ll be praying for as many as we can by name.

Pastor Lindsay has faithfully been putting time into upgrading our website when he is able. He’s been doing a great job and recently we started putting some of the sermons online. We’re working on getting more up, but for now we have the whole series on PRAY from October and November. Your can listen to them here: sermons.

Christmas Eve we’re having a service here at 7:00pm. There will not be a morning service that day. We’ve invited the Presbyterian church to our Christmas Eve service in the evening and they said for those of us who would like to, we are welcome to attend their morning service at 10:30 a.m. Feel free to attend one or both, but whatever you do, enjoy the reason for the season.

Lastly, on December 17th we are having a big Christmas potluck. I encourage you to invite a friend for this service as it will be pretty laid-back with lots of carols and Christmas cheer. Think of this as our Christmas banquet as a community.

I think that’s all. God bless you. I am so proud of this church and how much you all care about it and put energy into it. I am so proud of how this church gives! Have a great weekend!

Pastor Dave