Pastor’s Garage October 13th, 2022

Good afternoon everyone. Put up your sails and maybe build a wind
generator. Man, it is windy!

This Sunday, the 16th, is our potluck Sunday. Please join us and please
feel free to invite a friend. The kids will be staying in the service with
us so it will be a more kid friendly service. I’ll be sharing some stories
about how important it is to be reading and know our bibles. Also, please
don’t forget November 19th, 2022. That’s the day we have set aside for our
marriage workshop. We’ll have posters and a registration coming soon, but
it will be held at the Legacy Inn from 9 to 4:30 with lunch and will have a
registration fee of $40 per couple. If you have any questions please let me

Years ago when I was working for a biotech company I got to travel to
Germany to deliver and set up one of the instruments that the company made.
It was a small robotic system for testing samples in the lab. There were a
couple of things that didn’t get shipped ahead of me including a small
container of solution labeled “Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Wash.” It was
basically a dilute soap solution made with ultra-pure water. Nothing
harmless. Unfortunately, the people in customs saw the word “Atomic” and
they lost their minds. I ended up in some back room of the airport under
armed guard being interrogated by a couple of Germans who hardly knew any
English. It wasn’t until another customs agent came along and saw my stress
and who could speak English that I could actually explain what I had with
me. It was pretty stressful for a few moments as there seemed to be so much
confusion. I mean were they going to arrest me for bringing something
radioactive in my luggage? I think that is what they thought when they saw
“Atomic.” Misunderstandings can happen when people don’t have the whole
picture or one party has misunderstood. It makes me think about how we
communicate about Christ.

Have we given the people in our lives the whole picture of Jesus, either by
the way we live or what we’ve said? Or do they only have a part of the
message and therefore have it wrong? Maybe they have only heard that Jesus
loves them and that’s it? They’ve never heard that they need to repent or
that they need to respond to him in some way and so they live their life.
Jesus loves me! Which is true, but they need to repent and turn to God in
order to be saved. Maybe they’ve only experienced judgement from us. Could
have been what we said, could have been from the way we’ve acted. Whatever
the case, they haven’t heard correctly and if you haven’t got the whole
picture, you can’t make a proper choice. Maybe they would reject Christ if
they had the whole picture. But maybe they would receive him gladly.

I think we have to share the whole story, especially when it comes to the
gospel! For some of us that means sharing the gospel message about Jesus
and who is as, as well as sharing what a person needs to do in order to
have that life changing experience of being born again. For some of us that
will mean stepping past out judgement and our comfort zone to share the
love of Christ with people who we struggle to get to know. People need to
know the truth. It is the truth that will set them free!

I truly hope that you have a great weekend. Please join us for prayer
Saturday night!

God bless,

Pastor Dave