Realignment Video

Hi everyone,

Here’s a really important video that I shot a few weeks ago but the timing
didn’t seem right.

We are moving towards gathering in groups based on our 5Alive care groups
as soon as this weekend – you will be hearing more about this and where you
will be assigned very soon.

We will be expanding on this content in the coming weeks at these
gatherings and through more online teachings.

I think the content of this video is very important. It will guide our
thinking and planning and everything we do for the foreseeable future!
Please take the time to watch it. If I had a way of ensuring you watched
it, I would use it. Not because I think I am somehow so important, but
because I want us all to be on the same page.

This is not a video intended to create a sense of guilt or a sense of “to
do more.” It may create some discomfort or guilt – but that is not the
intent. The intent is to stir our hearts!

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!


Pastor Dave