Saturday Night Prayer 7-8pm April 23rd

Hey everyone,

As I was preparing for Sunday this morning. I felt really strongly that we
need to have a weekly time for prayer as a church… so from 7-8pm on
Saturday (tomorrow the 23rd) we’ll be gathering for prayer here at the
church. Reading Nehemiah chapter one just reminded me that all renewals or
revivals begin in prayer. Nehemiah helped to restore some things for
Israel, but it all began in prayer. I think our church and our world needs
renewal, so let’s pray!

Is this something we should do weekly? I’d like to hear your thoughts.
Maybe you’d like to volunteer to facilitate some of the prayer meetings?

This Sunday I’ll be speaking very briefly on Nehemiah 1 and then we’ll be
spending some time as a body in prayer. Can’t wait to see you!


Pastor Dave