Sunday December 4th, 2022

On Sunday December 4th we are going to have a special service with lots of
music, some Christmas liturgy and hot cocoa and treats. This would be a
great Sunday to invite a friend or neighbor for a little Christmas season
cheer and the spreading of some love and hope. We’ll have muffins, cookies,
hot cocoa and coffee ready at 9:30 for anyone who wants to come early and
will just enjoy a time of fellowship afterwards.

Bev Foster (a lifetime friend of Sheila Warne-Peter) is going to be sharing
her music through a somewhat interactive Christmas program. I think it’s
going to be a nice change of pace and an opportunity to get our hearts
ready for the Christmas season.

Hopefully Tatum or someone a little more artsy than me can design a little
facebook or instagram thingy to share!