The Pastor’s Garage

Hi Everyone,

So for this week’s pastors garage, I thought I would share some of my
thoughts from last week regarding our future direction as a church. Here
are the five points I shared as a Transformation Declaration with a little
explanation under each. You can hear more about this from the video of our
service this past weekend here
Fast forward to about 24 minutes to hear the sermon.

*Transformation Declaration: *

– *We will:*
– *Focus on Christ not Christian Living*
– Knowing the person of Christ and being transformed from the
inside out will take focus over rules and guidelines for good
– *Focus on Discipleship not Leadership*
– Disciplers are likely good leaders and disciples need leadership
but leaders don’t necessarily disciple and leadership
principles are not
synonymous with discipleship.
– *Focus on Spirit not Smarts*
– We need the Holy Spirit and a move of God more than we need a
great program or really good ideas to usher in God’s kingdom
(these ideas
– *Focus on Intimacy not Impact*
– For too long we have looked at numbers and views and how many
people we got in the door instead of how deep and meaningful our
relationships are.
– *Focus on Gospel not Growth*
– Our job is to plant the seed, not make it grow!

My hope is that these will be kind of like guideposts as we journey into
the future. I will be sharing this Sunday about where I think these lead us
and how they might steer our direction into the future! A part of that, as
I have already shared, is moving towards more of a cell based church. If
you want to hear more, tune in or come out this Sunday as I try to paint a
bit of a picture of what that will look like.

I want nothing but the best for us and for us to find and fulfill our
mission. We’ve been called and brought here for a purpose. Grenfell
Apostolic has a mission and YOU are a part of it. Please pray, please
dream, please be excited with me. I’d love to hear your thoughts and your
dreams and your ideas.

Have a great rest of your week and a great weekend. I hope to see you soon.

God bless,

Pastor Dave