The Pastor’s Garage April 23rd, 2019

Hey everyone. I truly hope you are having a good Easter break. My kids are
loving being outside and enjoying bikes, baseball, football and
trampolines. I am looking forward to more and more time on my dirt bike and
being outside.

Liz and I are planning some holidays this summer to see her family in
Pennsylvania from July 10th to the 30th. We know that means we will miss
camp this year, but it is just the way things worked out with schedules.
That being said, I would encourage you to get to camp this summer. There is
going to be some good speakers there this year. I know my kids are sad they
are going to miss it, but are looking forward to being with family.

This Sunday Mike will be speaking. Please uphold him and the worship team
in prayer. Mike is actually in Calgary right now taking a leadership course
with ACOP. I am excited for him and these kinds of things always mean life
for the local church. Please pray for Mike that God would speak to him and
refresh him through this time. He will be back in town on Thursday.

Teen challenge will be with us again on May 19th. They will have a team of
4-6 people (to be confirmed in the next few days) and we will be need
billets for them for the night of the 18th. If you could open your home for
1-3 people for a night, please let me know.

May 31st-June 2nd is our church camping weekend. If you haven’t booked your
site yet, you better get on it. They are filling up fast. This is going to
be an awesome weekend. It’s one of my favorite of the year.

That’s all for now. Once again if your are interested in baptism please
talk to me. We have a number who would like to get baptised out at the
lake, but we can also have a baptism here in the church if that is more
appropriate for you.

God bless,

Pastor Dave