The Pastor’s Garage August 17th, 2022

I think of the church year as beginning in September/October and ending in
May/June, with a couple months or so break for the summer. Not that we
don’t do stuff, but we take a break on our programs for a couple of months.

So, another year is starting soon… hard to believe, I definitely am not
ready yet! We’ll have our first potluck the third week in September. Kid’s
church will probably start the week after that and we’ll get back into the
swing of things in other areas as well. Youth will get going again and so

However, I do want to help set a vision for this coming year, a bit of a
change of focus you could say. It will be challenging I think, but it will
also be exciting. Challenging in the sense because it will call us to a
higher standard. We’ll be communicating more as we move into the fall but
as a teaser we want to focus on getting back to the basics of being a
disciple. Things like the life-giving disciplines that lead us into a
deeper relationship with Jesus. We want to help boil things down to a
simple picture of what it means to walk with Christ. Honestly, I think most
of church life will feel and look the same as always, but we will have a
focus that we haven’t really had for a while. Please pray as we move into
this season.

Please also pray for the service this Sunday as we’ll have some special
guests sharing with us. A couple of workers we’ve been supporting for many
years will be here to share about what they have been up to and to
encourage us from God’s word. Please pray for Liz and Rachel as they lead

Also, please don’t forget about our gathering tomorrow at Ken and Shauna’s
farm at 5:30pm. If you need directions or a ride, let me know. Please bring
your own meat and a salad and dessert if that’s your thing. We’ve probably
got enough drinks from the camping weekend leftover, so we’ll bring those
out. It’s our “Preharvest Party” so bring a friend, bring a farmer, bring
your family. Only thing on the agenda is hanging out by the fire, eating
and being together!

A reminder about prayer every Saturday at 7:00pm here at the church.


Pastor Dave