The Pastor’s Garage August 20, 2020

Hey everyone!

I hope you had a great week this past weekend. We took a week of holidays
this past week and enjoyed some time with my parents and as a family. It
was a great week and I am very thankful for being able to take that time.
We plan on taking a few days again in September camping at Crooked Lake
before the warm weather is totally gone. Do you have anything on your
wishlist before the cold comes???

While we were in the city this past week there was a noticeable increase in
people wearing masks in public spaces. To me it shows how “normal” certain
things have become – things that months ago we never would have dreamed.
While we were in Moose Jaw we stopped at the Western Development Museum. If
you have never been to that one it will amaze you. There is so much stuff
packed under that giant roof! Inside one of the areas they have a polio
display. I was reminded of how serious polio was. The iron lung is pretty
humbling and ominous. Hard to believe that people lived in them for months
and sometimes years! As new as this pandemic is, it’s not new.

Hardships, wars, famines and pandemics have been here before. Whether it’s
on a global scale or just in our personal lives – tough times can come.
Many times things will be out of our control or beyond our ability or
capacity to change. I remember years ago when Mason was really ill. He was
maybe a year and a half old and I needed to take time off of work to get
him to a clinic. My boss at the dairy, a wonderful Christian man, said
something that has always stuck with me. He said, “In times like this, all
we can do is trust God.”

For many of us we are starting to accept this new normal. Some of us are
just fed up with it all and have perhaps rightly put our heads in the sand.
Some of us are just gritting our teeth and dealing with it. Some of us are
feeling the burden and struggles that this is all bringing. Some of us
think the end is coming. But how many of us are trusting in God? Psalm 47:8
says “God reigns over the nations; God is seated on his holy throne.”
Wherever you are at, do you believe this? He is in control, period.

I will be working on my sermon tomorrow, but if you want to stop by for a
visit or need a visit let me know. I plan on speaking on the idea that
Christ is knowable as a person – something I think we often lose sight of.
I am praying that God will challenge us to press in and know Christ
personally. Christ, our savior and redeemer also wants us to know him

We are on week two of a hiatus on the realignment series and will begin
wrapping it up next week. We only have two more sessions to go and then we
will begin going through the series probably starting early October.

As always have a great weekend!

God bless,

Pastor Dave