The Pastor’s Garage August 6th, 2020

Well before I forget, feel free to join me tomorrow on the front lawn of
the church from 10-12. I’ve had some great conversations and meet-ups just
sitting outside. Feel free to stop by.

This Sunday we’ll be meeting in the church again for those who feel ready.
For those who still choose to join us online, we’ll be posting the service
live to our facebook page. For those who are watching online, feel free to
give us feedback about that experience. We’d like to get a sense of the
quality of that and want to do our best to accommodate you.

So how is your clutter? And I don’t just mean your junk drawer. How is your
garage? How is your room? How is your office? How is your spiritual life?
How is your cell-phone? How is your recreation? etc… etc…

We live in a world of clutter. It affects our spiritual life, our emotions,
and how we feel physically. We live in a world of more, more and more.
There is new, there is always better, there is always something just on the
horizon. There is always something we need right?

I have been taking an active role in dealing with clutter. Selling things,
cleaning up my office, cleaning out spaces at home, digging into corners of
the garage and trying to distance myself from social media and any other
online activities that tie me to my cell phone and computer. It’s a
challenge on all fronts but I feel the need to simplify and bring margin to
my life – there are just so many things that seem to fight for my attention
and are honestly a distraction that only end up robbing me of the things
that truly matter.

Many times our clutter (in all its forms) is a symptom of our ties to this
world and its promises of happiness and its inability to satisfy (which is
why we want more and more!). Look at these two verses that talk about

Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of
greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.” – Luke 2:15

Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world,
love for the Father is not in them. 1 John 2:15

Jesus himself is the only one who can satisfy the longing of our hearts and
at times we have to wrestle our hearts away from the things of this world.
I think that is why it is important to declutter from time to time.

In this day and age I think digital clutter is by far the most destructive
thing – any margin in our life is being sucked up by our addiction to our
cell-phones. If you think you are not addicted, let me lock your phone in
my office for 24 hours 🙂

Three tools I have found helpful in freeing myself from my phone (I am an
android user but I am sure there are similar things for iphones) are:

– Boring Phone (
This is a “launcher” that limits the number of apps you can use (you have
to choose 8) and locks out the rest – which can only be used for up to 5
minutes a day. After choosing texting, phoning, banking, email and a few
other “essentials” I have found my phone use dropping significantly. You
may think 8 is a lot, but trust me only choosing 8 is not easy… something
will have to go!
– Digital Detox (
This app “locks” out your phone whenever you want. You can set it up so
that during lock-out you can only call and text – which I have done. You
can schedule locks as well. I have mine set to lock mine at bedtime,
morning, lunch hour and supper time. The cool thing is it’s free – unless
you want to unlock it! Then you have to pay for every unlock. Genius.
– App Block (
I use this app to block access to time-wasters aka clutter. I have blocked
youtube, instagram and facebook from my phone completely. Sure I can
unblock them if needed, but this makes me think twice and usually say no to
the time wasters.

What could you declutter this week? What do you need to cut out? I think
even a small step would do you good! Have a great week!

Pastor Dave