The Pastor’s Garage December 10th, 2020

Welcome to another Pastor’s Garage.

On December 13th, 2019, I wrote a Pastor’s Garage that addressed the sense
of busyness that many of us face during the Christmas season. I talked
about the need to be thankful for things to do because some people would
gladly be busy rather than face another lonely holiday season. I also said
these exact words, “let’s stop being chased by our calendars and look at
everything we do through the lens of investment.” It’s kind of ironic that
this year many of us will not be busy or chased by our calendars. For me
personally, Christmas has just kind of snuck up because my calendar has not
been filled with the regular pre-Christmas events like concerts or other
Christmas gatherings. I think the situation in the world has given us all
the opportunity to be a little more intentional with what we do with our

So where should we invest it?

In one word I say connection. Invest your time in connection.

Busy-ness is hard on my connection with God and with the people I care
about. When I am busy I seem to have less time for God and I become
uninterruptible (if that’s a word) by the people I love – family, friends
and my church brothers and sisters. So let’s use this as an opportunity to
grab a hold of what is really important.

First, let’s use the time we have to connect with God. In meditation, in
scripture reading, in prayer, and in just slowing down so we can allow his
presence to invade our lives. Secondly, let’s use the time we have and the
resources we have (phone calls, text messages, chance encounters while out
and about, gatherings at the church etc…) to connect with each other.
Let’s check in on each other, encourage one another and bless one another.

Speaking of connection, I’d like you to keep considering House Gatherings.
I know that the current guidelines make it very difficult but there are
ways to still meet. Groups have been keeping their numbers small or
gathering outside the home in public places. The church could always be an
option if you would like to keep meeting. The masks and distancing are not
as bad as you might think. You could even meet online if you really wanted
to! Just saying there are ways to keep this connection going – or to start
another one!

I have something really exciting to announce… Zach and Margaret Phillips
welcomed another baby boy into their family on December 5th! *Angus Harold
Phillips* we can’t wait to meet you! Congrats guys!

This week’s gatherings are open for registration at Please register for either
the Sunday or the Wednesday gathering. Also, please let me know if you
would be interested in an early afternoon option on Sunday if the morning
one keeps filling? Perhaps in place of the Wednesday evening? Please let me
know. I have really enjoyed the time of fellowship and connection.

Once again, Christmas Eve services are coming and we would really
appreciate it if you would register ahead of time so we can plan and so we
can gauge whether or not we need to open another service – which we are
more than happy to do! Register here:

Anyways, God bless!

Pastor Dave